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1999 Saturn 4cyl what would approx. cost to replace a flywheel.Seller said noise(sounds like bad valve) is a part on the serpentine belt making the sound,but a mechanic  I know in another state said it could also be a cracked flywheel.

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Most likely it's your front wheel bearing probably your left bearing making that noise.
The price to replace a flywheel usually depends on automatic or manual transmission and if it is front wheel drive.

How to Replace the Flywheel on an Automatic Transmission
The flywheel of a car or truck connects the engine's crank shaft to the transmission through the torque converter.
Both manual and automatic transmissions connect to a a flywheel.
The flywheel is engaged by the electronic starter when the vehicle is turned over using the key and ignition.
The starter has a small gear that is electrically pushed onto the flywheel and spun to turn the flywheel and crank shaft to start the engine running.
If the flywheel loses one of its gear teeth because of the starter, it should be replaced to avoid further damage to the starter and flywheel.
Replace the flywheel on an automatic transmission when the starter has broken one of the flywheel's gear teeth or the flywheel has become warped or damaged during use.
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