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Write a four page paper which includes all of the following:

  1. As a young man, Ignatius was filled great desires for fame, glory, and adventure, and he lived in such a way as to win these things. Then he experienced a spiritual crisis. Explain the nature of his crisis while he was recuperating at Loyola castle. What questions, fears, and desires were going through his mind? What does his crisis have to do with the human desire for meaning in our lives?
  2. When Ignatius was wrestling with different desires during his recovery at Loyola Castle, he said that “step by step” he began to learn how to distinguish God’s voice from the voice of the evil spirit. Explain how he came to distinguish these and how this relates to the rules for discernment.
  3. Explain how the recognition of consolation and desolation in one’s spiritual life can assist a person in making a good discernment. Be specific using examples from a contemporary decision in your life.

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Discernment Human Development
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Discernment Human Development
Question 1
Life is very challenging; as soon as people think that they have a better understanding of
life, they are thrown a curveball. The perfect example would be St. Ignatius of Loyola, whereby
he started on one path with specific desires and goals of adventure, fame, and glory. A change
happened when he was getting better that made him change his mind and instead move into a
direction whereby he would have a life of fulfilment. This document will address the desires,
fears, and questions in Ignatius's mind and what his spiritual crisis had to do with the humanoid
wants for meaning in our life. How he could differentiate God's sound from the evil spirits and
its relation to the guidelines for discernment will similarly be elucidated. Lastly, I will describe
how desolation and consolation in a person’s spiritual life can help an individual make a good
Noticing the desolation and consolation in the spiritual lives aids us to make good
discernments since there will be an inner unrest or peace. Conferring to the experts, spiritual
comfort facilitates and inspires a more profound sense of appreciation for God’s companionship,
mercy, and fait...

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