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SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH REPORT: This report will discuss the findings interviews with three individuals who have worked in formal organizations over an extended period of time. All three individuals should work in different organizations. They can be family members or family friends. By researching and writing this report, you will learn how to interview people, analyze interview data to write a paper, learn about the working lives of people, and perhaps most importantly, from an academic point of view, learn abstract thinking as you relate your findings to the class materials.

Format of the report: Start with an introduction describing the respondents and their work. Then trace their work life history. What job did they first start out with? Did they change their career? What different jobs have they had? And then discuss their current job. What do they do at work? How do the work systems impede or help them accomplish their work goals? What are the difficulties they face at work? Discuss their coworkers. How much cooperation do they get from coworkers? How much of their work depends on their coworkers’ contribution? How much support they get from their supervisor? How is their performance evaluated and how does it affect their work, and their future? What factors motivate them? What de-motivates them? What part of their job do they enjoy the most? The least? What could be done to make their work a more enjoyable experience? What could their organization or supervisors do to help them? What stops the supervisors from helping them? What are the turf issues? What are their future plans? Will they change careers? When do they plan to retire? What will they do after they retire? What are the similarities and differences in the experiences of the three respondents? You may add more questions.

It is necessary to find common themes from the lecture on Work or any other topic/s covered as well as the book The Working Poor and the data you get from the interview. In other words, you should be able to relate your findings to the topics covered in class (abstract thinking).

The report should be approximately eight pages in length, typed and double-spaced with the font Times New Roman 12 points. Late papers will not be accepted.

The paper should be an MS Word document. Send it to me as an attachment to an email within Black Board. Note there is a difference between MS Word and MS Works. I cannot open MS Works or documents formatted in other software.

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Sociology of work
Occupation is a common part of everybody's life, and it cannot be separated from human
life. The values and beliefs that a person depicts from their workplace affect them and their
people. For instance, the children can be affected by their parent's occupation as the parent will
condition them according to the workplace norms creating a difference between people. Some
end up in the rat race as they try to get the next big thing from their work, while others just let
life flow. This paper analyses three respondents: Peter, Rudi, Sarah, their occupation, and their
Description of the Three Respondents
Peter likes to promote people's health as he was so passionate about medicine; however,
he is currently working as a dietitian in a local hospital close to his place. Peter primarily
educates patients on proper diet and manages different conditions such as obesity and diabetes.
He plans the patient's diet depending on the patient's goals, losing weight, gaining weight, or
managing a particular disease. Rudi is an authoritarian type of person who mainly likes peace
and order within his locality. He is a crime analyst is also in a nearby police department within
his locality. His central role includes analyzing crime patterns within the region and formulate
decisions to solve the crime ailing his locality. The third respondent Sarah is more of an
informative type of person who works as a local university lecturer. However, she lives far away
from her place of work, insinuating she has to make a long journey early in the morning and late
in the evening to and from her workplace.



These three types of occupations have conditioned the three to view life from a different
perspective; this is because of their income and the social class they associate with themselves.
Even though they are perceived as lucrative occupations, the respondent struggles to maintain
their daily lives and families, insinuating that they have to work hard to maintain their lifestyles.
Jobs That the Respondents Started With
Attaining the titles required the three respondents to have gained experience from other
different occupations before reaching the positions that they have today. Even though all the
respondents have formal employment, not all are passionate about their industry, but they still
want to grow to a higher position and beat the battle of life, working for less time but getting
more. After graduation, Peter started as an assistant nurse and helped patients with small tasks
like eating and bathing; this insinuates. He has always had a passion for helping people manage
their conditions and can be considered an expert in the field. Rudi was fascinated about solving
crime from an early age and started as a lifeguard immediately after graduating. For Sarah,
teaching is the primary occupation that she has focused on and has steadily grown within the
industry, making her become a lecture in a reputable university. However, this is not what she
likes for Sarah as she is so passionate about owning a business since it is time-consuming and
What Their Jobs Entail
For all the respondents, sustaining life is the main reason they are working. However,
some do it better since it is th...

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