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Watch the videos attached below and do research to find an example of how lean concepts have been applied in manufacturing or service, and answer the two questions below (about 150 words for each question).


  1. Provide a reference and summary of key points regarding lean application in service. This could be an academic article, a news article, or even a post on the website of an influential industry practitioner or consultant. If applicable, use something related to the company you are tracking.
  2. Choose a service of which you are a customer (for example, school, restaurant, car repair, health care, ride-sharing, hotel, travel, etc.). Provide two types of waste that occur in the provision of that service, and ways those wastes might be reduced or eliminated.

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Lean Application in Service
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Lean Application in Service
Question One
Through lean applications, businesses can determine what customers value and
optimize it by removing waste and creating a smooth flow of services. Lean targets
waste and reduces or eliminate it to ensure customers receive excellent services with a
faster response time. For example, in an IT corporation, lean can minimize
unnecessary p...

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