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In the one-page paper, you should talk about how Tesla be succeded when they choose to corporate with the Chinese government. Also analysis of the strategy and actions and talk about how this case relates to the book. I will upload the one-page paper example to show you what should the paper look like. and the book. here is the link of the book https://open.lib.umn.edu/strategicmanagement/chapt...

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BUS690 Current event presentation 1. Brief review Zoom profits double as revenues skyrocket. • Profits soared to $186m, while customer growth rose 458%, compared with the same period in 2019 • Zoom, together with rivals Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams, have all seen a surge in usage of their video conferencing platforms since coronavirus lockdown measures were imposed by multiple countries in March • Key to Zoom's success was its ability to add paying customers - high-budget corporate clients - as opposed to those who use its services for free 2. Relatedness to the chapter • Coronavirus lockdown is closely related with external environment (chapter 3) • Social trend: Due to the increase in remote working, video conferencing apps became crucial • Technological trend: Advanced technology in video conference; fast internet speed; widespread app use • Low buyer power & low threat of substitute: Almost no alternative for video conferencing during the pandemic 3. Analysis of the strategy and actions • As mentioned, there are a lot of opportunities for this company due to the pandemic • However, unstable operation due to soaring popularity, political scrutiny for its ties to China and sending user data to Facebook can be potential threats for this company • Also, development of vaccine and back to the normal life can be threats for the sustainability of the current success • The company may need to come up with some strategy to sustain their success after the pandemic 4. Question Do you think Zoom can sustain their success even after the pandemic?
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Running head: TESLA INC.

How Tesla Inc. Succeeded when They Choose to Corporate with the Chinese Government
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How Tesla Inc. Succeeded when They Choose to Corporate with the Chinese Government
Tesla Inc. is an American-based electric vehicle and clean energy company located in Palo Alto,
The company has grown to be one of the most successful electric vehicle companies in the globe
since its foundation in 2003.
In particular, Tesla Inc. has rapidly grown since it entered the Chinese market. Tesla Inc.
officially entered the Chinese auto market in 2018.
The company succeeded when they chose to corporate with...

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