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Now that you have completed your report, it is time to design and present your findings. Your task is to organize and develop the three (3) parts (introduction, body, and closing) of an effective presentation, based on your Justification Report (Assignment 2.3). Chapter 12 in our text provides overall information on presentation format, content, and delivery. Please do not simply cut and paste your justification report content to the slides. Instead develop clear, concise content that enhances your presentation narration or notes. Remember that your slides are meant to be highlights and your audience should not spend a great deal of time reading from the slides but instead listening to you present the concepts.

Create an eight to ten (8-10) slide presentation in which you:

  1. Ensure that your PowerPoint presentation fulfills the appropriate length requirements and professional style requirements.
  2. Open with an engaging introduction of the topic of your report. Include one (1) title slide and one (1) introductory slide.
  3. For the body of your presentation, cover the main points of your report. Create slides that reinforce and illustrate your main ideas. Follow basic design principles for effective slide content.
  4. For your single closing slide, finish with a memorable wrap-up statement that refocuses on the purpose of your report.
  5. Use PowerPoint voice-over and / or the notes section to present your slides.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Include a title slide containing the title of the assignment, your name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The title slide is not included in the required slide length.
  • Format the PowerPoint presentation with headings on each slide, and two to three (2-3) relevant graphics (photographs, graphs, clip art, etc.) throughout the presentation, ensuring that the presentation is visually appealing and readable from 18 feet away. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Slides should abbreviate the information in no more than five or six (5 or 6) bullet points each.
  • Slide titles should be based on the criteria being summarized (e.g., “Four Key Attributes,” “Responses to Budget Issues,” etc.).

Assignment Checklist

  • Descriptive titles on each of the slides
  • Text contains concise, precise content
  • Graphics convey the idea described by the slide text
  • Statements in bulleted lists have a parallel structure
  • The font size is easily read from a distance
  • There are no more than three (3) different font styles in the presentation
  • The color and background convey a formal business tone
  • Animation effects are used in moderation
  • There are no misspellings or typographical errors

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses in the student’s own oral communication and in the oral communication of others.
  • Use sentence variety, effective word choice, and correct grammar in oral communication.
  • Analyze verbal and nonverbal techniques that enhance oral communication within a business and / or professional context.

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KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 1 Feasibility of Keeping Apple Up-to-Date with Touchscreen Competitors Justification Report Susan Bell ENG 315 – Professional Communications Dr. Browning October 24, 2016 KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 2 Dr. Phillip Browning Professor of English University of New York 9903 Houston Street New York, NY 20132 October 24, 2016 Susan Bell 4695 Monahan Lane New York, NY 20132 Dear Dr. Browning: It is a great relief and in great spirts that I am submitting the report authorized by you on September 13, 2016 on the realities of adding a touchscreen option on Apple laptops. An analysis of the Apple MacBook in and of itself, technical specifications, consumer in-put, and feasibility of production amongst other criterion was conducted to judge whether to go ahead with the addition of a full built-in touchscreen for the new Apple MacBook units. Though there is hope and a great interest for it, the conclusion to forego adding a built-in touchscreen to the new Apple MacBook units was the best choice when factoring in all criteria. It is therefore our recommendation that a built-in touchscreen option not be added to the new Apple MacBook units. Thank you for your confidence in allowing me to perform this study that ultimately helps decide the future direction of the Apple MacBook line. I appreciate enormously your trust in me to handle the recommendation of such a huge choice. If you have any questions, comments, or need anything else please call me anytime at (302) 555–3796. Sincerely, Susan Bell Enclosure: Justification Report KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 3 Table of Contents Executive Summary .......................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. Problem Statement .........................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. Terminology...................................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. Report Overview ............................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. Overview of Alternatives ...............................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. Criteria ...........................................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. Research Methods ..........................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. Evaluation of Alternatives .............................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. Findings and Analysis ....................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. Recommendation ...........................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. References ......................................................................................Error! Bookmark not defined. KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 4 Executive Summary There has been a rumbling in the rumor mill of a form a touchscreen being added to the Apple MacBook product line when the new units are released. This report details the research done to come to a recommendation and conclusion of our efforts to submit to Apple that was thoroughly researched and thought-out. There are two options and consumers need to know which is feasible – and soon! All research in this report examines these two options. Option A is to go ahead and add a MacBook with a built-in touchscreen to their product line. Option B is for Apple to opt-out of the touchscreen addition while keeping consumers happy by implementation of something similar or recommendation of products they already produce that a consumer interested in the addition of a touchscreen would also be interested in. This report shows in detail the examination and recommendations as to the feasibility of adding a built-in touchscreen to the Apple MacBook or leaving the Apple MacBook as it is. The recommendations were reached through a thorough analysis of the Apple MacBook line in and of itself: including technical specifications, consumer in-put, cost examination, similar products on the market, and the possibility of the implementation of other similar options or additions. Research was conducted through reading sources inside and outside of the Apple community, as well as an estimated budget, current available products, planned updates and upgrades, and review of current standing in relation to other brands. To summarize, the results showed that many consumers do have an interest in seeing this addition and Apple has debated it. Ultimately, though, the line itself does not and should not add a built-in touchscreen. The cost, demand, consumer input, and satisfaction with similar alternatives helped to determine this conclusion. KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 5 Feasibility of Keeping Apple Up-to-Date with Touchscreen Competitors Apple is entering the new world of technology along with the rest of us. While leaps and bounds have been made all around the technological world, some features are still of interest in seeing. A big consumer quandary is will the Apple MacBook add a built-in touchscreen? Most of their competitors, if not all, have one so why not Apple? This Justification Report aims to answer that question and help Apple keep its consumers happy. In this Justification Report the relevancy and prevalence of this problem are looked at, the two options that Apple has in front of them are detailed and evaluated based upon five criteria decided to give an accurate recommendation and conclusion to Apple. This report looks at reading sources from inside and outside of Apple, estimated budgetary changes, current available products, planned updates or upgrades, and consumer input. Problem Statement Apple has come to a turning-point in the world or technology. While Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation the consumers wonder, and vocally at that, why is there no Apple MacBook with a built-in touchscreen and will there ever be one? While at the moment there is no backlash at the lack of concrete answers, Apple has been debating and toying with the idea. They see two options in front of them. How and what should they decide? Terminology “MacBook” - Apple's laptop family, introduced in 2006. Minus one model, MacBook uses solid state drives (SSDs). “iPad Pro” - The iPad Pro is a line of tablet computers by Apple Inc., running the iOS mobile operating system. “OS X” - OS X is version 10 of the Apple Macintosh operating system. OS X has a focus on modularity so that future changes would be easier to incorporate. “iOS” - an operating system used for mobile devices manufactured by Apple Inc. “OLED screen” - (Organic Light Emitting Device, Organic Light Emitting Diode) A display technology that offers bright, colorful images, on the keyboard of a MacBook in this case. Report Overview This report is to help Apple choose whether or not to add a built-in touchscreen to their MacBook. Option A is to go ahead and add a MacBook with a built-in touchscreen to the line. Option B is for Apple to opt-out of the touchscreen addition but present alternatives and upcoming additions equally appealing. Research was done through reading and interaction. Ultimately, we found that the cost, demand, consumer input, and satisfaction with similar alternatives let us reach the recommendation and conclusion to Apple that it should not, at this point, add a touchscreen to its MacBook line but should instead highlight the power and similarity of the iPad Pro’s performance and capabilities and further advertise the coming OLED keyboard touchscreen addition. This saves the company and consumer both money, gives consumers what they want with the iPad Pro’s connection options and performance, and lets the consumer get excited for the new OLED touchscreen. KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 6 Overview of Alternatives The following are the two alternatives Apple has to keep up-to-date with competitors: Alternative A – Add a built-in touchscreen to one of their MacBook’s: This has been asked about and wanted by many consumers for years. Apple does not seem to want to comply, and may not need to with their current status including sales, consumer satisfaction, and standings. This may be due to other touchscreen options like the iPad’s and iPhone’s. This could also be credited to the MacBook line’s unfaltering appeal. Alternative B – Highlight the power and similarity of the iPad Pro’s performance and capabilities while further advertising the coming OLED touchscreen on the new MacBook’s keyboards: There will be a small touchscreen added to the row where the function keys are on the new Apple MacBook units( For full touch screen options, the iPad Pro comes with comparable power, performance, and options as a MacBook. Cases are also available to make them into a laptop with a Bluetooth keyboard included. Criteria It was clear from the start that these five criteria would be those that determined the alternative. 1. Reading Sources - What Are Insiders and consumers saying and wanting? One of the most important factors companies need to look at when brainstorming products is what the public wants and what is being published about them and their products. 2. Budgetary Estimations – How would the alternatives change product price for Apple and for the consumer? A drastic, sometimes even slight, change in price can dissuade consumers from wanting to purchase a new product even if it has the features they want. 3. Current Available Products – What Other Apple Products Offer a Similar Experience to Competitor’s Touchscreen Laptops? If a company already makes one product that does one set of things, is there really any reason to go out of their way to make a slightly different product? 4. Upcoming Upgrades or Updates – Is Anything Coming That Will Even Out the Playing Field? If something is upcoming that would be similar to what is being looked at, or be just as exciting as, there is no need for an entirely new line of product. 5. Review of Current Standing Versus Other Brands – What is Apple’s Current Standing with Its Competitor’s Without a Built-in Touchscreen Laptop? If Apple is in good standings, do they really need to worry about losing their edge? Research Methods Research for this Justification Report consisted of varied consumer blogger and official articles, a look at budgetary estimations for changes in Apple MacBook’s, considering all of Apple’s products as a whole to see how they round-out, doing the same with updates or upgrades, and looking at their standing in different aspects versus other brands. KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 7 Evaluation of Alternatives Reading Sources 1. Alternative A – The majority of blogs and official interviews state that Apple manufacturers have no plans of a full touchscreen MacBook option. Consumers ask about the possibility but the vast majority do not push. 2. Alternative B - While some still clamor for a touchscreen MacBook, most seem happy with the options the iPad Pro instead of a MacBook touchscreen and look forward to the OLED touchscreen on keyboard addition( Budgetary Estimations 1. Alternative A - According to the analysts, adding a multi-touch screen onto a MacBook Pro would add 50-80% to the cost of the existing screen and would likely make it too expensive (Businessweek, 2008.) 2. Alternative B – Costs would remain the same, since other products and upgrades are equaling the addition of a new screen. Current Available Products 1. Alternative A – There are no laptop’s with a touchscreen from Apple, but the iPad Pro is incredibly similar in all aspects (Martin.) Outside of Apple there are touchscreen laptops, but most pale in comparability in other aspects. 2. Alternative B – The iPad Pro seems to satiate most consumers, specifically the newest one with the addition of a case with Bluetooth connected keyboard (Martin.) Upcoming Updates or Upgrades 1. Alternative A – The 2016 new MacBook units will come with many upgrades, including a small OLED touchscreen built-in to the keyboard where the function buttons usually sit( 2. Alternative B – While nothing specific is planned, macOS Sierra just became available for download online, iOS 10 has new features, and the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are coming in days ( Current Standing 1. Alternative A – Even without a touchscreen laptop, Apple remains at the top of the market due to their superiority in most other aspects of laptop production. 2. Alternative B – Apple stands at the top of the list for devices similar to, or used in place of, a laptop. Samsung is a distant second. Findings and Analysis Both Alternatives A and B are wanted and accepted by consumers. Those unaware of Alternative B seem to be the loudest asker’s for a touchscreen MacBook, but also seem to quit quickly when given comparisons of the MacBook and the iPad Pro (Martin.) In all other criteria that was researched to determine which alternative Apple should choose, Alternative B was the clear winner (Lovejoy, 2015.) Highlighting the efficiency of the iPad Pro and bringing the new OLED KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 8 touchscreen keyboard addition to the new MacBook’s is the clear choice when looking at the question from a budgetary, product line, coming upgrade and update, and current standing versus competitor’s aspect (Lovejoy, 2015.) Apple has put out laptops with amazing features even without a touchscreen, and their line of iPad’s and iPhone’s puts them over the top in all of the criteria looked at when developing this Justification Report. For a graphic look of the findings, see the below Figure 1. Criterion Reading Sources Budgetary Expenses Available Products Upgrades and Updates Alternative A Not overly pushed for Far too high None A lower-key version coming Standing vs Competition Total Feasibility High Low-Moderate Alternative B Accepted No change High variety Software download and features High High Figure 1: Graphic Analysis of Findings Recommendation It is recommended that Apple continue running business they way that it always has and not worry about coming out with a full touchscreen MacBook (Lovejoy, 2015.) The iPad Pro is incredibly similar and wanted by consumers for the same tasks a touchscreen MacBook would be (Lovejoy, 2015.) This keeps consumers happy, budgetary outlooks positive for both sides, available products entirely acceptable to the public, upgrades and updates looked forward to but not begged for, and standing versus competition remains high. KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 9 References Y. (n.d.). MacBook Pro 2016 not coming with touchscreen? Apple adding ... Retrieved October 24, 2016, from Martin, J. A. (n.d.). 8 reasons to buy an iPad Pro vs. a MacBook (and vice versa ... Retrieved October 24, 2016, from Lovejoy, B. (2015, September 15). Opinion: Could the iPad Pro be a viable alternative to a ... Retrieved October 24, 2016, from B. (2008, July 29). Feasibility of Touch Screen Apple Notebooks - Mac Rumors. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from A. (n.d.). Newsroom - Apple. Retrieved October 24, 2016, from [Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two Lines] KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 10 KEEPING APPLE UP-TO-DATE 11 ...
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 Should Apple add a


touchscreen to future
MacBook releases?

Touchscreens are an
innovation Apple should be
leading on
Stiff competition in the PC

 Is the threat to market

share is real?

Difficult to project changes
in technology

 Faced with two alternatives














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