CUNY Lehman College Debate on Legalization of Euthanasia Essay

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City University of New York Lehman College


I am supposed to argue that euthanasia should be illegal.

It is an argumentative essay so I should have 1-2 paragraphs arguing and writing a rebuttal for the other side.

Add a reference sheet at the end.

Should be a minimum of 5 pages.

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physician assised sucide or ethanasion is a common debate among the americans. while a groups in the
society advocate for legalization of the same, another group is concerned of the ethical issues related to
the procedure. ths debate comes at a time when the very nature of the society is eventually changing.
however, it is necessary to understand the common issues of the debate and the meaning of life in
order to decide whether it is ethical to end the suffering through physician assicisted suicide or not. in
this case, we look on the reason why euthanisa should be considered illegal at all times. this revolves
around the ethical issues related to ethanasion and the seirous concernes about legalizing the practice.
it is in the public limelight and therefore a public discussion. such is centered on the desire to control the
way a persoan want to dies as well as the timing of the death. this is also necessary in noting the
potential abuse of the prodcess whenever it is declared legal. there is also some society norms in regard
to assisting people to end their life and issues of causing death to individuals.
in the principle of ethics, there is something we call sanctity as well as stewardship. this is a common
combination in the ethics of life. eventually there is no one who has the right to take the life of an
innocent human being.that indivudal is supposed to take care or rather nurtue and protect the life.
however the society we are living it tend to claim so much on individual freedoms that causing a lot of
concern on how to control the individuals and make it possible to make the right decisions at all times.
eventually there is a sacred part of life that should always be proetected.
it is right to make the process of assisted end of life illegal in the first place. in the first placm this is an
ethical issues that is causing controversy in the public policy questions. for this reason I tend to oppose
the legalization of euthanisa. however, there are those who look at it as a good thing. there is need to
do more than just opposing the proponents of the issue in the public eye. Eventually, opposing the
legalization of the issue is based on our society norms and practices as well as the understanding of
human life. eventually, the human life is the foundation of all ethics and opposing the legalization of
euthanisa is based on the same concern about life.
allowing people to make decision on this issue will force a lot of argument and reason to stand for or
against the same. eventually, the euthanasia debate will not sease even when the people tend to agree
with it legalization. this is just one in many issues related to cultural discussuons that are alredy affecting
the human life. there is a concern on how the individuals can reaquenst the end of life to end their
suffering and the way doctors tend to prescirme a medication that will lead to the intentiaonal death of
the individual. the doctors and the phsicians in general are supposed to help extend life through offering
the necessary treatment. it is against the oath of practice to end the life of an individual at all costs. the
main intention should be allowing the person come back to normal life but not ending their life. this is
against the social will despite the rights held by the individual abo...

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