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1500 words for each of the question and each answer must be in its own file. so the total files will be 2 files of the word docemunts for each question listed below:

First question:

The Subject of the Descriptive paper should be Travel, Food, or


For Example: Your Most Exciting or Memorable Vacation: The Best
Meal You have ever Had, or The best Meal you have ever had on Your Best


Second Question:


For the Constitution Paper,
the Constitution of the United States is your subject. Pick any amendment(s),
article, issue(s), wording, misrepresentation or even confusion that you can
relate or not relate to and frame your argument. You should form a topic based
on your chosen aspect of the constitution. This paper must have Five Paragraphs;
it must be written in the MLA format. Your paper should have between1500- 2000

please use SIMPLE words and basic words because this is the lower level of english


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