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The exam will consist of 8 questions. You will be required to answer any 5 of these 8 questions. Each question will have several subparts and you will be required to give a short answer for each subpart. Within the time available you should aim to answer each question and its relevant parts and subparts comprehensively. Your answers will be judged primarily for their content and not their grammatical flourish.

The questions in this section will cover ONLY the following readings:

  1. Cluing in Customers
  2. Managing Differences
  3. Note on Strategic Alliances
  4. Ally and Acquire
  5. Customizing global marketing
  6. Serving the world's poor
  7. Let emerging market customers become your teachers
  8. Singapore Airlines
  9. Cheesecake factory
  10. Entering Foreign markets
  11. How to Manage Outside Innovation
  12. People are Angry about Globalization Here's what to do About It

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Week 10 Exam
Question 1: Singapore Airlines
(a) How Singapore Airlines enables its employees to provide service excellence and costefficiency
Singapore Airlines is driven by the need to satisfy the demands of its customers by providing them
with the most effective services. One of the ways the company enables its employees to provide
service excellence is through training. Often, frontline employees at Singapore Airlines serve a
critical role since they engage with passengers who are faced with different kinds of dilemmas, offer
them assistance and direction, and provide them with food and beverage knowledge, security, and
safety using conversation etiquette. Therefore, training employees how to attend to clients
improves service excellence. The second way is empowering its employees. Singapore Airlines
remains the most successful airline because it empowers its employees to attend to the customers
with discretionary effort. Empowered employees at the company feel motivated to attend to the
demands and desires of customers without being pushed. Besides, Singapore Airlines provides
service excellence by building delivery teams composed of people who share common skills and
strengths. High-performance service delivery teams at the company help to provide and sustain
service excellence. However, Singapore Airlines enables its employees to provide cost-efficiency
through doing things faster and better based on the demands of customers; regardless of their class.
Cost-efficiency is also attained based on the language and approach that employees have towards
customers. At Singapore Airlines, all employees attend to the customer equally with a language of
(b) Standardized personalization
Standardized personalization means using peculiar aspects of customer service to attract and retain
them. An example of standardized personalization is when a company like Amazon increases the sale
of particular products because it used technology in building personalization to their sales process.
Personalization needs to be standardized because it aids rapid growth. Standardizing a process
means repeating it at lower costs, which in return brings about more income. For instance,
personalizing particular s...

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