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EDF 3251

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In this assignment, you will learn how to use a great, FREE Web 2.0 tool for managing class behavior: ClassDojo (Links to an external site.).

You and your students will LOVE it!!

First, you will need to learn about ClassDojo and how it works.

To do this, I have included several short videos (below) and other video resources in this module. Please view the videos.

Assignment Submission: After you learned about ClassDojo:

  1. Go to the ClassDojo website and create an account as a teacher.
  2. Prepare a paragraph about your thoughts on this program. (5 points)
  • Must be a minimum of seven grammatically correct sentences. Consider your field experiences, your educational experiences, and your future as an educator when you respond.

3. Prepare a list of AT LEAST 6 key points (in a bulleted fashion) that you learned about using Class Dojo and/or its benefits. (TOTAL: 10 points)

  • Two of the key points MUST be related to the benefits of using this system in a classroom of learners with disabilities (counts for 4 points of the total 10 points):
  • Two of the key points MUST be related to the benefits of using this system in a classroom of diverse learners who are culturally and linguistically diverse (counts for 4 points of the total 10 points):
  • Two other key points (counts for 2 points of the total 10 points):

4. Two ways that you can use ClassDojo to engage with parents of the students in your classroom. (4 points)

  1. Include in your assignment, attach at least two screenshots of the class site that you created (must include a minimum of five students and the behaviors that you want to monitor) (4 points).

(Link with directions on how to take a screenshot using different devices: Taking a Screen Shot(Links to an external site.)

Assignment Download:

Assignment Resources:

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Thoughts about ClassDojo
ClassDojo is among the most efficient tools to build a classroom community. It is one of the
most recent technologies in education. However, I feel that it does better than most of the apps
that came before it. It has various feature...

Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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