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Understanding Abnormal Behavior Read DSM-5 Personality Disorders & Neurodevelopmental Disorders & DSM-5 disorder. Please see uploaded file

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Presentation DSM- 5 Diagnostic Read Chapters 15 & 16 in Understanding Abnormal Behavior Read DSM-5 Personality Disorders & Neurodevelopmental Disorders 7 slides, a written out in 2 double spaced pages, outline this text on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of one DSM-5 disorder covered in the course. Examples might be a diagnosis from: ·Schizophrenia Spectrum ·Bipolar Disorders ·Depressive Disorders ·Anxiety Disorders ·Obsessive-Compulsive Related Disorders ·Trauma Related Disorders or any other diagnostic classification in the DSM-5 • • • • • • Your presentation must include a brief discussion of the following: Why you chose this disorder Your understanding of the diagnostic criteria for this disorder Assessment strategies you might utilize to support your diagnosis Evidence-based treatment interventions for this disorder How researching this disorder has enhanced your own personal and professional understanding of diagnosis and treatment Presentation Presentations must focus on topic delivered to impart knowledge or to stimulate the topic. Presentations are like short papers in that there is an introduction, main body and conclusion. • Prepare an outline of topic. Bullet or number the main points • • Total of 7 slide’s only with 5 slides answering the questions, a title slide & reference slide. Answer all questions in a 2 double spaced pages in 12-pt. font and “ margins-. Write out presentation, but then outline this text for the actual presentation. • This presentation is roughly equivalent to 2 double spaced pages in 12-pt. font and 1” margins -. Write out your presentation, but then outline this text for the actual presentation. Assignment Outcomes Examine the major diagnostic categories of the DSM 5. Explore the biopsychosocial factors associated with psychopathology.
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Depressive Disorders
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I. Introduction
A. Mental health problems affect the functional abilities and wellbeing of an individual.
B. An appropriate diagnosis of the mental health problem is crucial for administering a
patient-centered treatment intervention.
C. Thesis: Mental health issues such as depressive disorders are prevalent, requiring
therapists to use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition
(DSM-5) to understand the symptoms.
II. Main point: I chose to address depressive disorders in this presentation since this is a health
concern affecting many teenage girls, thus demonstrating the need for appropriate treatment
A. According to Geiger and Davis (2019), depressive disorders, primarily among girls, are
high, with facts showing that approximately 2.4 million of this population had this health
B. In an analysis conducted in 2017, a disorder like depression had increased by 66% in girls
and boys at 44%. Compared with data presented in 2007, the growth rate was 59 percent
high (Geiger & Davis, 2019).
III. Main point: Based on the DSM-5 criteria, understanding the diagnostic classification of
depressive disorders is crucial for better treatment administration.
A. Depressive disorders can be disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD), major
depressive disorder (MDD), premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and substance-induced
depressive disorder, and persistent depressive disorders, from what I have learned.
B. Worth noting, common symptoms experienced by patients with depressive disorders
include sadness, hopelessness, or guilt.



C. Thomas and Seedat (2018) inform that there is a need for diffe...

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