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CO3099 - Course Work 2 Security Solution for UOL Case Study Case Study: UOL is an IT centric company, and has its head office at Leicester. UOL is looking to acquire a second building at Leicester, with a few people to be relocated to the second building. Further, a new international office is to be established at Berlin. People working at the main and second building at Leicester and the Berlin office would require remote access to the servers located at the Leicester main office, and further they would like to implement various security solutions to protect their assets. You are required to design a security solution for UOL around the below security requirements of UOL. 1. Remote VPN access is required to enable data communication for staffs in all the branches to connect to the server located at Leicester main branch (Leicester branches to Leicester main server and Berlin office to Leicester main server respectively). Further, they would like their solution not to impact the network performance and ensure security for data packets that are transmitted. (Your suggestion needs the implementation of appropriate protocol(s) that is currently relevant and commonly used, in suitable operating modes). 2. UOL has sensitive servers that need to be placed securely in the network perimeter at the main Leicester branch with appropriate access control policies. (Your suggestion should focus around the placement of servers in the network with suitable security and implement required access control policies for securing network traffic). 3. UOL needs strong firewall policies, such that the traffic originating from the internal network are allowed, but the traffic originating from the external network should not penetrate the internal network and increase vulnerability. Ideally, UOL is looking for one firewall solution that can offer protection at various layers of the OSI model (Your suggestion needs recommendation of suitable firewall solution). 4. UOL intends to monitor the incoming traffic and would like to subject any suspected incoming traffic for further inspection. (Your suggestion requires suitable network security solution). 5. UOL is looking to implement an internal access control policy that is to allow its internal traffic to reach their web server. This is to be done by matching the IP address of the source, the transport layer protocol, and configured in the access list number 90. You are required to write a standard ACL configuration for this requirement. Note: All of your recommendation requires your justification on how your recommendation would achieve such security requirements of UOL. Report format: You MUST follow the below template for providing your solution and justification, and stick to the word limit. UOL Requirement Remote VPN Access Sensitive server placement Firewall Policy Inspection of suspected traffic ACL Configuration Recommended Solution Justification Name the solution and how they are implemented word limit: 100 Name the solution and how they are implemented word limit: 100 Name the solution and how they are implemented word limit: 100 Name the solution and how they are implemented word limit: 100 Write the ACL configuration and explain word limit: 100 Justify how your solution satisfies the requirement - word limit: 200 Justify how your solution satisfies the requirement - word limit: 200 Justify how your solution satisfies the requirement - word limit: 200 Justify how your solution satisfies the requirement - word limit: 200 Justify how your solution satisfies the requirement - word limit: 200 Note: You are NOT required to do referencing in your report. However, you must follow good academic practice. If not, you may run risk of being charged with plagiarism which, once confirmed, will be Your report will be checked originality than the similarity between peer students. CO3099 CW2 Spring 2021
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A. Background Information
➢ An asset is any device, data, or another component of the system of an
organization, which is often, valued because it has data that is more sensitive.
These assets in an organization include components like desktop computers,
company mobile phones, and laptops.
➢ These assets require a high level of security in any institution or organization
that will protect them from intruders, hackers, and cybercriminals.
B. Thesis statement
➢ There are several security solutions we can implement for the asset management
in the UOL Company, which will help them, protect their asset from intruders,
cybercriminals and hackers.
➢ In this paper, we are going to discuss the various security solution to the assets
at the UOL based on the various requirement that includes remote Access to
VPN, sensitive serve replacement, firewall policy, ACL configuration and
inspection of suspected traffics.


A. Question one
➢ This question discusses the security solution to the transmission of resources
across a remote access VPN. The question also requires the justification of these
➢ They will achieve this by using data security to prevent anyone from
eavesdropping in the internet activities. . Data security is so advantageous for
this company for it will help the company transmit its resources without any
threat over the remote access to the VPNs
B. Question two
➢ This question discusses how the UOL company will secure its server after
➢ One of the methods they can use is securing the connectivity of the server. The
implementation process of this solution includes using and establishing a
connection that has a high level of security
➢ This security solution will help bring appropriate policies to control Access.
C. Question three
➢ This question discusses one firewall solution that offers protection at various
layers of the OSI model
➢ Use of security solutions like administrators knowing how to manage the
firewalls effectively and properly.
➢ The management of the firewall policy interface also enables the administrators
of the networks to have the ability to allow or disallow the firewall policy whose

core purpose is to create and manage the rules mainly designed for inter-zone,
incoming and outgoing traffic
D. Question four
➢ Suggestions on how to monitor the incoming traffic and subject them for
➢ UOL Company of information technology shall need good security measures,
which include using tools for monitoring traffic in the network to achieve this.
➢ The information given by these tools will help in the identification of security
vulnerabilities, issues of troubleshooting the network, and analyzing the impact
the new applications will have on the network

E. Question five
➢ Write a st...

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