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Write a program that can be used to gather statistical data about the number of movies 

college students see in a month. The program should perform the following steps: 

 Read integers from movies.txt into a dynamically allocated array. The first 

number in movies.txt represents the number of students participating in this 

survey. The rest of the numbers represent the number of movies each student saw. 

 Sort the array in ascending order using Insertion Sort. 

 Display the sorted array 10 numbers per line. 

 Calculate and display the following: 

o Average 

o Median: the value in the middle of a sorted array; if the array contains an 

even number of elements, the median is the average of the two middle 


o Mode: the value that occurs most often (with the greatest frequency); if the 

array has no mode (none of the value occurs more than once), the mode is 

-1. If there is more than one mode, return one of them. For a more 

challenging assignment, store all values with the highest frequency in a 

dynamically allocated array

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