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The Unit 9 Assignment challenges you to apply the three major theoretical perspectives of sociology to analyze the effects of population changes on the environment. For this Assignment, you will write a 3 to 5 page essay with the following elements:

An introduction that describes the forces behind population change.

A discussion of the effects on the environment when population change results in urbanization.

An analysis of the effects of effects population change from the structural-functional, social-conflict, and symbolic interaction approaches.

A summary that reviews the major points of the paper and offers one suggestion for further study on the issues related to population change and the environment.

Citations from at least two references. You may use the course materials as references for this Assignment.

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Population change
It is the change in the number of persons for a particular period and is usually caused by the
number of births and deaths changing. In the recent past, the population has been increasing in
most parts of the globe, and this has raised the need to curb population growth. Different factors
have been behind the changes in society. The factors are deaths, births, and migration. The
natural causes of population change are deaths and births while an artificial cause of
demographic change is migration.
Births cause the people of a particular region to increase, and a quick growth in population is a
result of high birth rates. Polygamy causes the birth rates to be high as people have many wives
and give birth to many children and this causes the population to increase. The status of the
family like fertility also affects population change. When many members of the society are
fertile the birth rate is high, and if there are infertile individuals the rate of growth of the
population is small, and all these affect population change. Lack of health education among
people and unemployment also lead to high birth rates hence population change.
Deaths cause the people of a particular region to decrease and are a natural cause of

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