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stranded with 2010 Dodge Grande Caravan that will start with remote only. Then the transmission is locked in park and will not shut off with key? Any ideas?

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This sound pretty serious problem that needs the manufacturer's attention. You cannot just find a way of turning it off then pretend the problem went away. What you need to do is file a complaint to the manufacturer or call your dealership to see if there is a recall campaign for electrical problem. I have read many problems on Caravans and most of them are similar to your problems with varying situations or problems. You can also file a complaint at https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/.

Good luck to you and don't drive that car for now. I suspect the problem has to do with the remoter receiver relay, but that is only a guess. Meaning don't take my word on it, because your problem is something serious that it has to be address by the manufacturer.

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