'99 Blazer fuel relay burnouts

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My '99 Blazer is eating up fuel relays like there is no tomorrow. Opened one and seems to be too much current   as they heat up in very short time almost too hot to handle. Burn outs come after stopping (if they lasted that long) and while driving. Replacements with new relay fix problem but for short time only. Burn outs were long term before. Replaced fuel pump over year ago and had to make new connections for hook ups. Everything seemed fine and worked fine. I re made connections but seem to still have problem.  Took fuse block apart under hood and find no questionable spots. Anyone out there have help? 

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It may not be a current problem. Have your fuel pump check by the dealer or the supplier where you bought if from. Another alternative is to make sure that the pump amperage requirement is the same as the relay amperage that it can support. For example if I have a pump unit that is rated up to 3Amperes, then if the power supply is being feed via relay that has 2Amperes rating. This setting may run properly for a while, but as the pump unit gets older, the amperage requirement is getting higher for normal operation.

Double check the amperage requirement for the fuel pump and replace the relay matching the amperage as suggested by the fuel pump manufacturer.

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