What is outsourcing?

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What is outsourcing? Definition of outsourcing, types of outsourcing and some examples.

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outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process to a third-party. There are four types of outsourcing services: professional, manufacturing, process-specific and operational. Outsourcing services have grown in popularity as more businesses look to reduce their overhead costs while maintaining the same level of output or support.

Human Resource Outsourcing in India
Human resource is the latest kind of outsourcing in India. The process of human resource outsourcing is for an Indian company to locally recruit talents and managed them for you as if you are the owner of a particular business set up for you by this company in India. If for example you are an IT company in the US, this company set up for you will of course be a mixture of web developers, and other IT professionals. You can run this IT company from the US with the local company who set it up for you as your manager. They will run this company for you, from payroll to talent recruiting and everything else.

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