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Select 10 scholarly articles (ALL ARTICLES MUST BE WITHIN THE LAST 10 YEARS) that will support your research paper. Write an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography takes each article and a short paragraph is written stating how the article supports your research paper. Each scholarly article is listed (in APA format) then the paragraph is written.

This means I will be looking for 3 items for each source:

1. The reference.

2. A summary paragraph.

3. A paragraph that states how the article supports your research paper.

No reference list is needed because you are providing references in the assignment.

For an example of an annotated source in APA format, you can go to the OWL at Purdue. Scroll down to the APA Sample.

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1 Title of Paper in Bold Centered Student Name American Public University COURSE####:Course Title Instructor Name Due Date 2 Repeat the Title – Level 1 Header Hit the tab key one time to begin the main body of the paper. The paragraphs of the main document are indented. The computer will wrap your text for you based upon the margin settings established by this document template. It is not necessary for you to hit the Enter or return key at the end of a line of text. Only hit the enter key (one time) when you reach the end of a paragraph. Then hit the tab key to indent and then continue typing the paper. In APA any source that you use in your paper must have an in-text citation. In APA these citations include the author’s last name and the year of the publication in parentheses (Name, Year). Level 2 Header use: Flush Left, Bold, Title Case Heading Sub-section your essay using sub-headers in the same sequence you introduced your topic in your lead paragraph, your thesis. Level 3 Header use: Flush Left, Bold Italic, Title Case Heading The more lengthy or complex your essay, the potential for using additional Level Headers; notice the subtle difference. One tip for any submission, always double-check the font choice is consistent throughout the essay. Conclusion Begin to summarize the main points of your topic in three to five sentences. The conclusion of your paper should re-phrase the points of what your reader should be left remembering, nothing new, concise and to the point. 3 References Lastname, C. (2008). Title of the source without caps except Proper Nouns or: First word after colon. The Journal or Publication Italicized and Capped, Vol#(Issue#), Page numbers.
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Annotated Bibliography: Effects of Organizational Behavior at Workplace
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Annotated Bibliography: Effects of Organizational Behavior at Workplace
Astutia, S. D., & Ingsihb, K. (2019). Competence and organisational commitment: A study of the
mediating role of organisational citizenship behaviour in the Indonesian banking
industry. International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change, 9(2), 250-61.
Astutia & Ingsihb (2019) examined the impact of competence on organizational
citizenship behavior as facilitated by organizational commitment. The authors used a multiple
linear regression with SPSS version 25. The study findings prove that competence has a great
impact on organizational commitment.
This research supports the research through providing critical information about
competence in organizational behavior, where organizational commitment appears to be
important in any company.
Johnson, A., Nguyen, H., Groth, M., & White, L. (2018). Workplace aggression and
organisational effectiveness: The mediating role of employee engagement. Australian
Journal of Management, 43(4), 614-631.
Johnson, et al. (2018) investigated the connection between the commonness of workplace
aggression and organizational effectualness and employee engagement. The findings indicate
that hospitals that had higher rates of workplace aggression had more patients with HAIs while
employee engagement was a critical mechan...

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