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Journal Critiques: Assignment Guidelines


  • Reinforce training and development concepts, specifically various traditional and technology-enhanced training methods.
  • Apply knowledge by reviewing journal articles related to specific course topics.


What you'll need to complete this assignment:

  • Identify 1-2 sources for relevant journal articles. (Reach out to your professor for assistance with this step.)
  • Identify 3-4 topics related to training modality and the use of technology in training and development. (Remember the purpose of this assignment is to reinforce the concepts in this course, specifically related to traditional and technology-enhanced training methods.)

Process & Product

  1. Leverage library resources to locate at least 3 articles published within the last 1-5 years. (Contact your professor for assistance with this step if you have any questions. Please also reach out to Library Services at your home campus for access to a database of journals/articles and any support needed with database access.)
  2. You will prepare 1 critique for each journal article reviewed. Each article must address the topic(s) of training modality and/or the use of technology in training and development. (The title of the article does not have to use any of these terms, nor do these topics have to be the exclusive focus of the article. However - the article must address training modality and/or technology in some capacity, and this should be explicit in your review.)
  3. Need a jumpstart? If you need help coming up with topics, it may be interesting to start with any emerging research and/or data related to the shift to remote training during the global pandemic. (Possible keywords: remote training, online training, virtual training + pandemic, covid, etc.) This is up to you! You are welcome to explore a wealth of topics as long as they address training modality and/or technology.
  4. You are to include the following content in each of your article critiques. (See also Critique Format below.)
    • Source
    • Information about the author
    • Summary (Detailed review)
    • Critique (Your opinion and reflection of learning)SOURCE

(Choose one of the following citation styles)

Dunagan, John S. “Space Management,” The Office. Vol. 16, pp. 59-60, December 2018.

Dunagan, J.S. (2018). Space management. The Office. 16. (12), pp. 59-60.


Mr. Dunagan is a Management Consultant with Interior Design, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. He has designed more than 2,000 offices throughout the U.S.


Select any three articles from credible and reputable training/HR sources. Please provide an in-depth review of the article in this section. Use double spacing in the summary section.


Please use double spacing in your critique. In complete sentence form, state if you agree or disagree with the author and why. Assess the significance of the data in relation to the human resource development function. Critiques should be a minimum of two paragraphs.


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Explanation & Answer

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Journal Critiques



Nevins, M. (2020). Re-thinking Training and Development in a Post-Covid World: A
Case Study. Forbes.
Information about the author
The author is a leadership consultant and advisor who have been playing critical roles in
coaching and helping company CEOs and other senior executives to navigate through “inflection
points” in their businesses and careers.
The article explores the information related to the approaches to be bused in training and
developing employees' skills during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic
struck, many smart companies have been evaluating the possibility of using different approaches
of training their employees rather than relying on traditional in-person training. The push to
adopt other training approaches seems to face difficulties due to the HR managers who seem to
emphasize the role of the employees' emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills during
training and development. The utilization of online training modules will have little or no impact
on such managers. However, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has challenged
the companies, couches, and HR managers to rethink their traditional training and development
approach. Before things get back to normal within a period that is not certain, managers and
companies will have to adopt new learning approaches that will overcome the pandemic's
challenges. Through a co-author of the article who acted as a consultant to the National Bank of
Bahrain as its client, the e-learning and virtual training have been fronted as an alternative to
traditional methods that were applied. The bank adopted the two technological-based learning
approaches after the pandemic struck and continued to persist. While the company continues to



run its operations, it has been seeking to ensure that the employees are impacted with skills
acquired through virtual and e-learning.
The organization has identified critical lessons as it seeks to provide training through the
technological approaches while the pandemic still exists. Firstly, the company exhibited courage
by committing its key stakeholders to the virtual training program. Secondly, effective planning,
consulting, and inclusively making decisions have been at the heart of the company. The
company commits the managers to involve employees in developing an approach of training
through the new approaches. Effective collaboration is attained when the exhibit commitment
surpasses support offered by external consultants. Thirdly, challenging with support. For
instance, the 2020 year calendar was affected by the pandemic. Rather than engaging in religious
and other roles, the employees were encouraged to attend at least five sessions since they had
minimal commitments. Fourthly, the company fostered the spirit of togetherness which revolves
around recognition, respect, and teamwork. The elements have been critical in enabling a
company to adopt technology in the training and development of employees.
Firstly, the article explores a contemporary situation that necessitates the application of
technology to overcome the challenges. Secondly, the article provides an example of an
organization that has taken the initiative to adopt technology in training and developing its
employees. The recent example is relatable as the company demonstrates the steps or measures
to be used in ensuring the incorporation of technology in an organization becomes successful.
However, although the article demonstrates the impact of technology in the contemporary world,
most of the information seems to be subjective opinions of the authors which can be relevant or
irrelevant to other organizations across different industries.



Herminia, I. & Petitti P. (2018). A 5-Part Process for Using Technology to Improve Your Talent:
Talent Management. Harvard Business Review.
Information about the author
The article was written by two authors. Herminia Ibarra is the Charles Handy Professor of
organizational behavior at the London Business School (LBS). Before joining LBS, she was
serving in the Harvard Business School Faculties and INSEAD. She has authored other articles
related to the field. Patrick Petitti, who is the other author, is the CEO and co-founder of
Catalant. Over 30% of the Fortune 10...

Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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