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Should specialized organizational arrangements be made for workers who wish...?

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Should specialized organizational arrangements be made for workers who wish to combine career and child raising? Identify steps that companies can take to accommodate parental needs more effectively.
Oct 19th, 2017

The right to “equal treatment with respect to employment” protects persons in all aspects of employment, including applying for a job, recruitment, training, transfers, promotions, terms of apprenticeship, dismissals, layoffs and terminations. It also covers rate of pay, codes of conduct, overtime, hours of work, holidays, benefits, shift work, performance evaluations and discipline. A fundamental starting point for complying with the Code in relation to all of these is to have a workplace setting where human rights are respected and applied.

This part of Human Rights at Work sets out key principles and best practices relating to the human rights issues that most commonly arise in the employment cycle. Key areas to consider include:

  1. Creating a workplace that complies with the Code
  2. Setting job requirements
  3. Advertising
  4. Designing application forms
  5. Interviewing and making hiring decisions
  6. Requesting job-related sensitive information
  7. Pay, benefits, dress codes and other issues
  8. Meeting and accommodating the needs of employees
  9. More about disability-related accommodation
  10. Training, promotions and advancement
  11. Managing performance and discipline
  12. Resolving human rights issues in the workplace
  13. Ending an employment relationship

Dec 2nd, 2014

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Oct 19th, 2017
Oct 19th, 2017
Oct 20th, 2017
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