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PROJECT ASSIGNMENT Global Business Venture Project: MKT for 2021 requires four (4) 50-point maximum written reports that together will constitute most major sections of the marketing plan outlined in our textbook on page 56 and included below. In total, this project counts a maximum of 200 points out of a total of 600 for the course. Students will conceptualize a global business venture based on a new or existing company that will market its product or service innovation (or a combination) in at least one foreign market. If the home country is the United States (U.S.), that market must be overseas (foreign). If the home country is outside of the United States, the target market must be the U.S. (domestic). You are required to post your four papers in a Word document through the correct Canvas assignment link by the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted. Written Assignment: Written reports must be grammatically correct based on standard English. The required cover sheet must include: (1) The project title in all capital letters (your title should describe your global business venture); (2) the course name (Global Strategic Marketing) and number (MKT ); (3) the term (T4 2021); (4) the instructor’s name, and (5) the first and last names of the student who will get credit for that work. Do not number the cover page, but do number the rest of your paper beginning with the first page of text. A Table of Contents is not required but can be included at the student’s discretion. The required cover sheet and optional table of contents do not count in the ten-page single-spaced maximum, but references, tables, appendices, etc. do count. Headings, subheadings, tables, exhibits, and appendices must be included at appropriate places throughout the paper when necessary. Use 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font. References are mandatory based on standard citation rules as applicable. Plagiarism will result in a zero (0) grade for the student project and academic discipline (see The Oracle). Turnitin will be used to assess plagiarism. Assignment #1 : (1) Pick an industry to launch your global business venture, and describe that venture in sufficient detail to be understood in a business context by the reader. This can be a new or existing company, product, or service as explained above. (2) Conduct a SWOT analysis using Figure 2.5 (p.50) based on the textbook discussion on pp. 49-51. Include an analysis of all macroenvironment variables relevant to your business venture in your SWOT analysis based on the textbook discussion (pp.72-85). References are required to document your SWOT analysis. These references must be external books, periodicals, websites, etc.; the textbook required for MKT 6661 does not count as a reference for your written assignments. (3) Formulate goals for your global business venture (pp.52-53 and pp.85-93), and discuss how you plan to evaluate the success or failure of your venture in achieving those goals (pp.67-72). NOTE #1: I highly recommend that you refer to Figure 15.1 (p. 437) in Chapter 15 at this point. You will be required to describe how you used this process in Assignment #3, so do not include written details in Assignment #1. However, feel free to briefly reference Fig. 15.1 here if you want to. This note is necessary due to the sequence in which our textbook is laid out, and my attempt to "stay in order" as much as possible with your reading assignments. NOTE #2: I have laid out your written assignments to coincide as much as possible with the textbook material you will be studying for each of the three exams. However, you may find some information in other chapters useful for your written assignments. Please feel free to contact me through e-mail as the term progresses if you have any questions or need clarification on any part of MKT 1 NOTE #3: The first section of each written assignment should briefly overview the topic. A reader should be able to understand the detailed content that comprises the majority of each paper without having to read the other papers. However, your Introduction section should not be longer than two or three paragraphs summarizing the business venture enough so the remaining report (i.e., the majority of the content for that particular assignment) makes sense to the reader. Assignment #2: (1) Thoroughly describe the intended target markets (TM) for your global business venture. (2) Describe the intended ultimate end-user based on the information provided in Chapter 6 of our textbook. (3) Describe the business-to-business (B2B) supply chain necessary to make your product/service available for household consumption (Chapter 7). (4) Describe how your business venture will go global (Chapter 8). (5) Finally, what segmentation variables will be needed to identify, reach, and evaluate the viability of the target markets you have described above? (Chapter 9) Assignment #3: (1) Discuss how your global business venture was developed using the process illustrated in Chapter 15. You should include each of the 8 steps in this discussion, but note that some steps will warrant a more in-depth analysis than other steps. For example, Step 1 (Idea Generation) will warrant a more detailed discussion than Step 8 (Commercialization) because this is a hypothetical business venture. (2) describe how your global business venture (i.e., the company, product, or service) will be positioned based on the information provided in Chapter 10 of our textbook. (3) Thoroughly discuss the marketing strategies needed to grow your global business venture (Chapter 12, pp. 335-348). (4) Finally, apply product life-cycle (PLC) theory to analyze your global business venture (Chapter 12, pp. 348-359). Discuss how the PLC theory should hypothetically affect your venture in each of the four major stages. Assignment #4: (1) Using the Marketing tactics section of the marketing plan below and on p. 56 in our textbook, thoroughly outline and describe the marketing mix (4-Ps) needed to successfully implement your global business venture. You will find detailed information about each of the 4-Ps in Chapters 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, and 22. The next section contains the marketing plan outline from Kotler and Keller 15(e) on page 56. There is also an abbreviated version of a sample marketing plan for Pegasus Sports International on pp. 61-65 you can look at. However, please note that you will need to include significantly more reference-based discussion in each of your four written reports to receive maximum credit than this sample marketing plan contains. 2 3
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OnePlus Technologies
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OnePlus Technologies
Assignment One

The United States forms a big market for innovative technological products. When
products perform well in the United States market, it is almost guaranteed that the technological
product will perform well almost anywhere else. Therefore, establishing a foothold on the
American market is the goal of almost every technology company that seeks to globalize, despite
the amazing full set of technology companies that have been birthed in the nation. Many
companies have a mission to make an entry into the American market.
One plus technologies is a relatively new Chinese phone company that focuses on
developing mobile phones, which many people around the world could use—their focus is to
enter the American market and compete with traditional powerhouses that do well in America.
Such companies include Apple and Samsung, who hold the biggest market share in the
smartphone category for phones released in America's United States. Competing with such
gigantic companies is not an easy task and would require full strategic planning and
However, the American market is long treated as a place where people are eager about
new technologies. Proper planning and deliverance of quality would more than rightly develop a
method in which people favor OnePlus technology devices. The phones are android devices that
are required to compete in a similar space with Apple and Samsung. However, it might be more
systematic in developing a unique niche that the phone could first serve before targeting going
mainstream. The purpose of such a method is so that the market growth and capitalization
process is not treated as a goal that should be developed suddenly. Market domination is a



process that should happen gradually. Progress should be consistent, and unless something which
is not accounted for happens drastically, there should be a trajectory in which the market
development patterns should happen.
The United States' importance as the central mark for western culture would explain its
target market. Successful growth in the United States could also translate to successful growth in
other regions of the world. Trends that originate from the nation are seen across the globe. If the
phone can be successful in the American market, it might have higher chances of doing better in
almost every other region. Evidence of this is reflected in how much their cultural components,
such as films and music, are seen from the world over. Therefore with the nation being the
cultural hub for the world and particularly the western world, having a successful product launch
might translate to a similar outcome in the world.
SWOT Analysiss
A SWOT analysis evaluates the company to decide what the company is doing right and
what it is doing wrong. The analysis helps make conclusions on the internal and external factors
which influence the growth of the company. Through the analysis done by evaluating the
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company, it is possible to develop an
action framework. The framework will be done after the evaluation of the possibility of success
in the foreign market.
OnePlus tech products are cheaper than most of the high-performance devices in the
market. Consumers are heavily influenced by the prices of the goods which are offered. Price is
an important factor for a consumer who wants to determine whether they should buy particular



products. Launching a product at a lower price in the bracket competitors are competing for is a
strength for OnePlus. Having lower prices without necessarily reducing the products' quality
would lead to a situation where the products' sales would increase. Such would offer the
company the ability to compete in a market with other traditional legacy brands.
OnePlus has some of the best up-to-date mobile technologies on its phones. The company
can develop phones with the best modern technologies. Companies can be in a volatile position
in the modern technological climate if they cannot use the market's best technologies (Cozzolino
et al., 2018). OnePlus has technologies that would make their cameras up to par with some of the
smartphone market's best cameras. The company also can utilize the best processors that can be
used in their product line. For devices released, they should offer the best technologies to appeal
to all sorts of customers. Having such competitive pricing with modern technological features on
phones would put the phone in a position to compete with major manufacturers in the United
The budget of the company is not as big when compared with other companies who offer
similar products. The company might need more revenue to be able to carry out advertising and
product development. To perform proper market research and create feedback channels requires
a lot of investment (Dehgani et al., 2020). Such limitations can hamper the growth of the
company. That is a big weakness considering the companies they are competing with within their
class. Already established companies have a lot of funds and know-how in product development.
A new company undertaking extreme cost to launch their first product is likely not in a position
to afford to fail.



The phone's entry into the United States market will likely create a new niche for the
smartphone market. Traditionally smartphones sold into the market have been divided up into
high-end devices and low-end devices. The introduction of a phone which offers premium specs
at a lower price would fill a void in the smartphone niche (Teng & Schwanen, 2020). Such an
opening would offer an opportunity for market dominance at a specific level. It would present an
opportunity to use target marketing which would be an optimized form of marketing.
The range of products and services that will be offered would allow the company to
develop a consumer niche. Most of the devices made disregard the enthusiast market. The
enthusiasts would marvel at specific attributes of the phone, such as the price to performance
ratio. The company is also small enough to take feedback and develop quality products.
Developing phones for such a market segment would prove highly rewarding. They are also
important in the marketing of the products. The company should not ignore such an important
market group.
There are external threats that could hamper the progress of the company. The company
will face competition from some of the biggest established brands of any industry in the world.
Such brands include iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei. The competition from the brands will likely
make the company rethink some of the approaches they use. However, the bigger companies
have a bureaucratic process, which might hamper them in caring for a specific market domain.
Goals and Success Metric



1. Cooperation with other products
OnePlus technologies' goal is to be able to form cooperations with other companies that exist
serve people with enthusiastic brands. One of the goals should be to cooperate with JBL, a phone
audio accessory supplier that also serves its market with some of the best products for the right
prices. Cyanogen is an android ROM manufacturer that would form fruitful partnerships. The
two products are enthusiastic centered products. The first phones released in the United States
should come with products from the two companies.
2. Use influencers to create buzz and anticipation
Enlisting popular tech influencers' services to help create awareness in the United States is the
second goal. The videos should get millions of views, and at least 500,000 phones should be
preordered to help with the production and distribution process.
3. Sell a million Units
The sale from the first product launched should reach a million units in the United States alone.
Getting to such figures would be vital and crucial for the development of the business. Achieving
the sales target would help with the development of other products by providing money and
popularity. Such sales are important in helping with the growth of the company and the
achievement of its targets.
The success of the company can be evaluated if the company has achieved its sales target.
Suppose the product achieves the sales targeted and can exist in its niche, it would be a
successful launch. Keeping up with the trend would mean that the company can globalize
successfully. More units will be developed to be sold to future markets. Developing products for



American will propel the company into global recognition making entry into other markets easier
and possible.


Assignment Two

Description of the Intended Target Market
The phone is targeting a demographic in the American market, which helps increase the
product's popularity. The market under target is avid android users. Android market share in the
United States is just below 40% and is second only to the iOS market share (Yang et al., 2019).
Universally, android has a large market share of more than 70%. Joining the United States
market would be vital in helping have universal appeal. The phones will be tailored to people
who use the operating system and are android enthusiasts. It will be used to show what can be
achieved by using materials that are not expensive. It will be a phone with great features which
are value for money.
The age of the target demographic will mainly be around the age of 14- 35 years.
Extensive market research will make sure the developers what matters most to the specific target
demography when they get a phone. When enough information is presented on what people
prefer in smartphones, it will be possible to manufacture and create phones specifically tailored
for them. However, the product will not be too specialized to discourage other people from using
it. Other forms of functionality will be included to make it wholesomely appealing for use by
people of different ages. A target marketing approach can ensure that the specific demographic
required is accessed and is aware of the product (Choong et al., 2021).
The phone will also be specialized to appeal to people of all genders. One way of making
sure that is possible is releasing different phone variations that people from all demographics can
access. Such variations might include different colors for a specific phone model. The different
models should be designed with customer feedback specific design. Using such methods to make



sure that the phones in the lineup are not similar helps create a wider fanbase for the product.
People from all walks of life can be attracted to the product.
The product user will be someone who wants to get premium features from a phone
without having to spend ludicrous amounts of money. Mobile phones are an integral part of
everyday life. They are no longer tools for just making calls. They have evolved to complex
gadgets vital to every cultural fiber of a person's life. In almost every aspect of society or culture,
there has to be a phone. Modern-day smartphones have the full multimedia capability, something
that very few people could have predicted a generation ago. Phones can take videos and pictures,
share videos and pictures and also store them. Adding internet access to the device has made
them very reliable. The internet speed and service found in the devices are as great as any service
found anywhere else. In today's world, mobile devices are pushing the limits of internet
connectivity with 5G technology (Oughton et al., 2021). Such innovation makes mobile phones
more than just devices that can be used to make phone calls.
The OnePlus end user should experience the best of the stated features at a price that
should be competitive with other brands offering similar products and services. The devices
should have the best multimedia features to compete with other high-end devices in the market.
The camera and size of storage should be as good as any other phone on the market. The
processor should be as fast as or faster than most of the other contemporaries. Making sure the
device offers premium features to consumers is the goal of the business. The consumers should
feel the device was made for them.



Mobile phone end-users should also experience the best of the software and hardware
capabilities. With software developers continually releasing games that push most devices'
hardware and software capabilities, it will be paramount that the device can keep up. Since the
device targets people from the age of 14- 35, it is only sensible to assume that people would like
to game on the device. Having a device that offers such capabilities to the end-user would be
beneficial and put the company in a good position to compete. Mobile gamers are a continuously
ignored group of people, and with the prices of high-end devices getting high, the demographic
must be addressed with a device within their niche.
Business to Business Supply Chain Necessary
For an upcoming business connecting to the market for the sale of a product might prove
to be a difficult endeavor. It is important to engage in a company's services that can help
sustainably distribute the product. Such a company would be essential in making more sales and
would help the company focus more on another side of the business, mainly production. The
company can also offer better advantages when it pertains to important feedback for market
research analytics.
Oneplus business will engage in other business, which will provide a better network for
the supply side in America. Such companies that can buy the product directly or share the
product when they sell include major distribution chains such as Amazon and Walmart. Such
companies can help with distribution to a large extent. Such companies would offer the best
business-to-business supply chain in the future when the products from the company are released
on a large enough scale (Cafaggi & Iamiceli, 2018). Having a ready distributor also helps when it
pertains to making products on a large scale.



How Venture will go Global
One way people are influenced when it pertains to the product to buy is through culture.
Enculturation can happen even regarding products where people desire certain products to
signify a certain life way. The United States is an important nation and can be treated as an
epicenter for every culture and technological endeavor which finds global appeal. If the product
finds good footing in America, it would be possible to market or distribute it to other parts of the
world. Making a product go global is not such a daunting task when it has a strong footing in
The company will use direct exporting to conduct sales of the products in other regions.
Direct exporting offers advantages, such as the business can sell the products to the customers
directly without using a middle man. Having a direct export business is helpful when it pertains
to selling the product to overseas markets. However, other methods can be applied after the
initial stage of exporting becomes successful. The company might employ the methods of
acquisition to operate the business in some regions. Such a method requires buying companies
that show promise and transforming them to deal with OnePlus products.
Segmentation Variables
One of the main ways the company will segment the demographic is through the use of
age. By grouping people by age, it is possible to target the desired demographic for the product.
OnePlus devices are suitable for people who are between the ages of 14-35. The demographic is
the group of people who are regularly engaged with their phones, and they would like a device
that they feel they can use without challenges or complications. The variable of age will be
important for marketing and variable recognition.



The company does not plan to segregate its market by gender, but gender will be an
important factor in creating a device variation. Using gender to create a variation of a device is
critical and important for the growth of the business and the market's development to cater to the
demographic. Some design features can be found to appeal to certain gender after extensive
market research. Conducting market research to come up with devices that might be suitable for
each gender is important. Such designs might include the favorable display to use, the color of
the back, and the accessories to include so that buyers can be enticed.


Assignment Three

Process of the Global Business Venture Development
The business idea was generated when it was observed that there had been a trend in
smartphones having polarizing prices. Cheap phones were getting cheaper and expensive
flagships were getting more expensive. The idea was to create a mid-range phone that offers the
functionality and capability of the expensive flagships while compromising the features that the
public was not happy or enthusiastic about. The product was made to survive in its niche without
having many competitors.
The idea was screened through an intensive research and development project. Through
research and dev...

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