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ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Course name: Basic Medical Terminology Course number: BIOL101 CRN: 20752 Paper Assignment-2 Assignment title or task: (You can write a question) Use the following word parts (-sclerosis, -emia, hyper-, my, -al) in 10 different medical terms to structure 10 different logically correct sentences Total number of sentences: 10 Provide references in APA format. Student name: Student ID: Submission date: Instructor name: Dr.Ahmed Salih Grade: Out of 5 Instructions: 1. Please the read the questions carefully before answering them. 2. More than one word part can be present in 1 sentence but total number of sentences should be 10. 3. All medical term (Total 10) should be different using the word part mentioned in the assignment question. 4. Use your own words while answering questions.
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Social Model of Disability.
Introduction to the Social Model of Disability

Definition of the 3 Models of Disability.

Primarily, there are 3 major Models of Disability;

1. Medical Model of Disability – In this model, disability is viewed as a physical condition
that can be treated or cured by a medical professional.
It affects the functioning of an individual in a cognitive or psychological way.
The condition is intrinsic to an individual and therefore the disadvantages should be borne
solely by the person bearing the condition.

Definition of the 3 Models of Disability Continued…

2. Functional Model of Disability – In this model, disability is caused by medical and
physical cognitive deficits which hinders an individual’s functioning ability to perform
certain functional activities.
This model is similar to the medical model in the sense that the condition is intrinsic to the
person who bears the condition.

Definition of the 3 Models of Disability Continued

2. Social Model of Disability – In this model, disability is caused by lack of an enabling
social environment. An individual’s activity is not limited by the physical condition or
impairment but by the barriers presented by the surrounding environment.
Thus, the condition is extrinsic to an indi...

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