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I need to define 100 english literature vocabulary words by Tuesday morning, after defining each word, I have to use it in a sentence, and write its part of speech.

For example:

Attentively (adj.): Paying close attention.

"He listened attentively."

here are some words along the lines of what words to use. You're also able to use these words.

attentively, contrast, critically, tangent, prejudice, tome, osmosis, peruse, verbose, pithy, forcefully, expressive, correlate, encumbrances, reverential, solis, homage, allusion, sinuous, williwaw, burgeoning, vitality, lance, covent, etc.

Final Answer


English Literature Vocabulary
Attentively (adj.): Paying close attention
“He listened attentively.”
Contrast (n): A person, quality, thing etc. showing notable differences when compared with another
“Red berries standing in vivid contrast against the snow.”
Critically (adv.): The act of judging and analysing
"This must be examined critically."
Tangent (n): A sudden digression or change in course
“The student went off on a tangent during his presentation.”
Prejudice (n): The act or state of holding unreasonable preconceived judgments or convictions
without any knowledge
“A boy with a prejudice towards unfamiliar food.”
Tome (n): One of the books in a work of several volumes, or a large weighty book
“My sister received a tome for her English homework to read over the summer.”
Osmosis (n): Diffusion through any membrane or porous barrier, from a less concentrated to a more
concentrated solution until both solutions are of the same concentration
“Water can move across cell membranes because of osmosis.”
Peruse (vb): To read or examine, typically with great care
“He planned to peruse at his art history textbook the day before his exam.”
Verbose (adj.): Using or containing an excess of words, so as to be pedantic or boring
“When drunk, he becomes pompous and verbose.”
Pithy (adj.): Brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression
“She makes pithy comments when watching tv.”
Forcefully (adj.): Full of force or characterized by force, with intense energy
“We are seeing this film too late to feel its original impact forcefully."
Expressive (adj.): Showing or communicating meaning or feeling effectively
“They made an expressive glance at each other.”
Correlate (vb.): To place or be placed in a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relationship
“A graph was shown to correlate expenses and income.”
Encumbrance (n): A thing that impedes or is burdensome, a hindrance
“The ankle-length dress was an encumbrance to her dancing.”

Reverential (adj.): Of the nature of, due to, or characterized by reverence and respect
“Their names are always mentioned in reverential tones."
Solace (n): Comfort in sorrow, misfortune or distress
“She sought solace in her religion.”
Homage (n): Special honour or respect shown publicly
“Many villagers come here to pay homage to the Virgin."
Allusion (n): An expression designed to call something to mind with...

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