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Topic 1

Child's name: Debra Murillo

Interest in books

No interest, avoids

Only if adult-initiated


Brings books to adult to read


Looks at books as self-initiated activity

Reads books independently @___ level

Listening to books

Wiggly, no attention


Intermittent attention


Listens in one-on-one situation

Listens as part of a group, tuning out distractions

Long attention span to books with more text than pictures, richer vocabulary, longer sentences, chapters

Involvement with books being read

Little or no response

Emotional response, laugh, frown


Comments, asks questions

Joins in during reading

Participates, predicts, interprets plot, characters

Handling Books

No voluntary touching

Rough handling


Exploratory manipulation


Books as favorite toys

Handles books with care & places them in their storage spaces

Topic 2

The Interacting with Literacy figure explains that literacy is more than learning to read and write. According to Nilsen (2017), "Literacy begins with communication, both verbal and nonverbal" (pg. 280). Literacy includes listening, talking, reading, writing and seeing. It also includes having accessible materials such as books, magazines, magnetic letters, chalkboards, paper, writing tools, and computer (Nilsen, 2017). Having these materials will help promote literacy in young children. Parents and caregivers can be role models for literacy by talking, listening, reading, writing, and asking questions to children (Nilsen, 2017). Parents and caregivers should read and talk to children every day. I can support the literacy-rich environment by promoting literacy in the classroom. I will supply the writing center with stencils, books, magazines, paper, pencils, crayons, washable markers, chalkboard, and magnetic letters. I will label materials around the classroom and have cubbies with the child's name. During circle time I will read books to the children and sing songs with them.

Topic 3

Knowledge gained:

  • Rating scale
  • Interacting with literacy
  • Learning to read
  • Learning to write

I learned what a rating skill is and how it should be used. According to Nilsen (2017), "A Rating Scale lists specific descriptions of criteria in a horizontal line from the least to the most, early developing to later developing, simple to complex, with several choices in between" (pg. 273). It is a good way to measure a child's progress. Nilsen states, "The Rating Scale visually portrays the stages of development of a skill and can even include notations at the in-between stages" (2017, pg. 273). I also learned the importance of interacting with literacy. There are many components involved when it comes to literacy. Children need someone who will talk, read, and listen to them. They need to be supplied with the proper materials that will help them begin to learn to read and write. Teachers should read to students daily to promote literacy.

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