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In a 250-300 word response, discuss why communication skills are important to organizational success and why recruiters focus so much on finding leads with good communication skills. What happens when there are problems with communications in the workplace (re-work, low morale, product delays, dissatisfied customers, etc.)?

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Negative communication present problems in the workplace environment and at times can become hostile and toxic. A disgruntled employee for example, can tear down a company's good reputation in a heartbeat with accusations of being treated unfairly. Many companies focus their efforts into building a good reputation. A communication breakdown between staff members and upper management however, can produce irreparable damage if not handled properly. For instance, a disgruntled flight attendant recently made a rather dramatic exit from an airplane to communicate how displeased he was at his place of employment. The media absorbed the drama, while the airline company scrambled to repair their tarnished image by the "unprofessionalism" of an angry employee.

Source: http://www.squidoo.com/the-importance-of-effective-communication-skills-in-organizational-management

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