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There are 4 parts to this Project

6.06 Choosing a research paper - See Attached

Your Assignment

You will choose an event or action in U.S. history between 1865 and 1930 that you believe was a turning point. Your project will describe the event or action and explain why it is a turning point. What happened because of it? In what new direction did the nation or the world move as a result of it? Did people at the time realize that a turning point had been reached, or did it take time to assess the impact of the event or action?

6.08 The Annotated Bibliography - See Attached

An annotated bibliography contains all the sources that provided information for your research project. It differs from a regular bibliography in that each entry includes a brief explanation about how the source was used, how it helped you understand your topic, and whether it is a primary or secondary resource. In this assignment, you will supply three of your sources with annotation. Submit this assignment for a grade by the end of the Discuss: My Research Project lesson.

6.12 - Your Final Project -

Presentation Formats Choices - Choose 1

  1. Paper—A research paper presents the topic information to the reader in a clear and interesting fashion. It includes an annotated bibliography and footnotes.
  2. Documentary—A documentary is factually accurate and based on an actual event. It is a media-based presentation using slides, films, videos, or a computer.
  3. Exhibit—An exhibit is a display of visual and written information about a topic. Its design should be balanced between visual interest and historical accuracy.

6.10 - The Process Paper - See Attached

Write a process paper that explains your efforts during the project. Your paper should be 300–500 words.

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Final paper
The American Foreign Policy Revolution
The end of the twentieth century marked a great change in the political system of the
United States. Old American ideas were abandoned and replaced with new and better ones. The
revolution was marked with a series of wars that included the World War I. The outcome of the
civil war that occurred between 1861 and 1865 marked a great turning point in American
History. The war had great repercussions in America’s History. African Americans got freedom
after Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation though their total freedom occurred after
the 13th Amendment. North America and South America were brought together. The Spanish
American war of 1878 led to the creation of the Teller and Platt Amendments.
Notably, the history of U.S. foreign policy gives an overview of the major trends that
took place with regard to the policy since the American Revolution to the present. The America
foreign policy revolution brought about intense effects that included; the enhancement of
democracy, the expansion of America across the continent, the support of the liberal
internationalism, aiding in the fight for international terrorism and the building of a strong world
economy. Notably, United States after the American foreign policy revolution was a reflection of
the long-term ideal of the creation of an Empire of liberty. For the first time, the United States set
to create a peaceful as well as undivided and democratic Europe with the European allies.
The Roosevelt Corollary signed on December 1904 stated that America would use
military force as a last resort in the event the US’s rights were violated. America increasingly
adopted the corollary agreement to restore internal stability to the affected nation especially US’s
intervention in Cuba, HAIIT, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Extremes weapons of



warfare were introduced at this time courtesy of the technological advancement of the weapon...

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