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Software engineer questions, use JAVA when it`s needed. Also, .JAVA file or Diagrams files so I can modify or edit when I need to. Make sure it`s solved in a simple way(student level)

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Quiz since some questions are problem solving related, you may answer the problem solving questions inline or by doing it on paper (especially activity diagram) and take a camera picture or use visio or lucid chart or any similar diagramming tool and upload the exported file as a PDF file. Question 1 1 pts An Activity diagram is a static model. True False Question 2 1 pts The RUP software process model is iterative and not incremental. True False Question 3 1 pts 1/22 In the Scrum process, a Product Owner role guides everyone including stakeholders on the Scrum Process. True False Question 4 1 pts Fork node is a control node that has one incoming edge and multiple outgoing edges and it does not support parallelism in activities. True False Question 5 1 pts It is not mandatory to label an Activity diagram with a name. True False Question 6 1 pts 2/22 The Product Backlog items never change. True False Question 7 1 pts The Spiral model is like the waterfall model and includes risk assessment and management incorporated at every stage. True False Question 8 1 pts Requirements and analysis, design and development or coding, testing and maintenance is called SDLC. True False Question 9 1 pts An "include" in Use Case diagrams implies that the include task will be executed after the parent task. True False 3/22 Question 10 1 pts The sequence diagram allows alternate paths based on decisions. True False Question 11 Outlook Eclipse Bug tracking software Concerns about project quality tracking Approver of Product in Sprint Review 20 pts [ Choose ] [ Choose ] [ Choose ] [ Choose ] [ Choose ] 4/22 Sequence Diagram [ Choose ] Interface [ Choose ] Activity [ Choose ] Inheritance [ Choose ] Static model [ Choose ] Question 12 4 pts In the waterfall model, the requirements must be completed before and design must be completed before . Question 13 4 pts is a process to check whether we are developing the right product according to the customer Question 14 are not. 4 pts 5/22 A Merge node has one or more edges and one edge. Question 15 4 pts In the Scrum process it is the role is in control of matters such as the scrum sprint once it begins. making sure that the CIO cannot Question 16 4 pts SAC interaction principle includes Simplicity, and . Question 17 2 pts Why is a Software Process Model important? Edit 12pt View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph 6/22 p Question 18 0 words 2 pts 7/22 Describe and Explain in simple words (or concepts) the template used for writing User Stories. Edit 12pt View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph p p 0 words Question 19 2 pts 8/22 Explain in your own words why “Simplicity” in Software Engineering Design is an important principle. Edit View 12pt Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph p 0 words Question 20 2 pts Explain the difference between static and dynamic models. Edit 12pt View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph 9/22 p 0 words 10/22 Question 21 2 pts What are the perspectives available in Eclipse? (List at least 3) (hint: check the Eclipse -->window -->perspectives -->open perspectives option) Edit 12pt View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph p Question 22 0 words 2 pts 11/22 In the FeVER interaction design principle, explain Feedback with your own example. Edit 12pt View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph p 0 words Question 23 2 pts Explain the difference between iterative process and incremental process. Edit 12pt View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph 12/22 p Question 24 0 words 2 pts 13/22 In the Scrum process, what is the purpose of the three C's (Card, Conversation and Confirmation)? Edit 12pt View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph p Question 25 0 words 2 pts 14/22 Compare the Spiral model with the Scrum process model with two examples. Edit View 12pt Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph p 0 words Question 26 2 pts Among the disadvantages of the Agile Process (such as Scrum), is that: "Stakeholders may over-react to recent events". Explain what this means from your understanding and perspective. Edit View Insert Format Tools Table 15/22 12pt Paragraph p Question 27 0 words 10 pts 16/22 A mobile application designer wants to design an application to help job applicants match their skills with jobs. (a) Write three user stories without ambiguity. Make sure you follow a standard userstory template. (6 points) (b) Also provide examples of interaction design using either one of these threeprinciples: SAC, FeVER or CAP principles in context of the user story specific to job matching. (4 points) 17/22 Edit 12pt View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph p Question 28 0 words 10 pts 18/22 Think on your feet for this problem. It is an open-ended question. :) Use your own creativity and ingenuity in answering this question. Assume you just got promoted as a manager of a digital clock manufacturer. You got this job as an expert of the Spiral, RUP and Agile process models with focus on risk assessment and mitigation. The digital clock manufacturer decides to use a graphical hour handle and a graphical minute handle. The Manufacturer also decides to show the time digitally with the hour, minutes and seconds at the same time. The manufacturer decides to synchronize with an atomic clock to display the graphics correctly, while the digital display of time is displayed with an internal hardware timer. Incorporating Risk in the software process model is key to success. Use your creativity and create a Risk Management Matrix (explained below) for highly predictable (have high probability of occurring) and less predictable risks (have low probability of occurring) 19/22 with solutions on how you will handle the risks. You may include a few risks general to any problem and a few problem specific risks. Categorize them under People, Process and Product. Limit the number of risks to a combined total of 5 risks and describe how you propose to handle each one of the risks. Here is what the risk management matrix should contain. The matrix must consist of columns for Predictable and Unpredictable risks and rows for People, Process and Product and an additional column for how you will handle the risks. You do not need to be perfect with your risks and how you will handle them. You must clearly categorize under predictable and unpredictable and people, process and product. Note that the total for both predictable and unpredictable cannot be more than a total of 5 risks. ( 5 * 2 = 10 points). Predicatable UnPredictable Solution to handle risk People risks (state one or more) Process risks (state one or more risks) Product risks (state one or more risks) Edit 12pt p View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph 0 words 20/22 Question 29 10 pts Create an Activity Diagram for the following problem: (10 points) Select a chocolate, a chips pack and a coke bottle from a vending machine. If the item is available in the machine, add the item to the cart and add the price of the item to total_price. Else, skip that item and add only available items . Pay the total amount of the cart using bills and return the change and exit the transaction. Also answer one of the two below questions for the above example: (a) What classes will you need in a class diagram? How will you connect theseclasses with implement and inheritance arrows and aggregate and association relationships? Draw a class diagram with the classes you came up with. OR (b) Draw a sequence diagram for the high level operations (you may ignore minordetails). Upload Choose a File Question 30 0 pts This is a bonus question for 5 points. Please provide three user stories for any single project and categorize them under any three of the MOSCOW principle for user stories. (you will be required to read and understand on your own, the User Stories PowerPoint in your class slides material to do this) Edit 12pt View Insert Format Tools Table Paragraph 21/22 p 0 words 22/22
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Assignment answers

1. False
2. False
3. False
4. False
5. True
6. False
7. True
8. True
9. False
10. True
11. Question 11
i. Outlook → Generic software
ii. Eclipse → Integrated Dev Environment

Bug tracking software→Bespoke software


Concerns about project quality tracking → Managerial concerns

v. Approver of product in sprint review → Product Owner

Sequence diagram → Lifeline


Interface → Dotted line with triangle ending


Activity → Non-atomic


Inheritance →

Bold line with triangle ending

x. Static model → Non changing
12. Design, implementation
13. verification, validation
14. incoming, outgoing
15. Product owner,
16. learnability, predictability
17. The software process model helps us get the direction the software product is going to take,
It also allows us to agree on a scope with the stakeholders so that we know exactly what to
deliver for them. This was conflict is reduced between the contractor and the stakeholders


Benefit hypothesis:

Nonfunctional requirements:

Acceptance criteria:

User business value:

Cost of delay:

Time criticality:

Job size:

Risk reduction and/or opportunity enablement value:

Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF):

Description → Describe the user story. What are users expecting to achieve?
User business value → What value does implement the user need add to business
Time criticality → How critical is the feature as far as time is concerned, what slack can it take
Risk reduction and/or opportunity enablement value →
Benefit hypothesis:
Cost of delay: → What is the cost to business on a delay of this feature
Job Size: → What is the estimated size of this task
Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF):

19. Simplicity in software engineering has more benefits for software maintainers than it has for
users of the software. If the software is complex at the design level, its implementation is
going to be complex and this means that maintaining the code is also going to be much
difficult. The on-boarding process is becoming a strenuous one for new developers too. As
software developers, we should ensure that software is designed to be simple so that we do
not fall into these huddles.
20. Static models are used to define the structure of the system, they do not change over time.
These includes class-diagram and composite structure diagrams which could include,
component diagrams and deployment diagrams. On the other hand, dynamic models are
used to elaborate the dynamic behavior of the system, they exhibit the behavior of the
system. This includes collaborations among components and change of state from one to
another. Dynamic models include activity diagrams, state machines, and sequence diagrams

21. Perspectives in eclipse
i. java
ii. Resource
iii. Planning
iv. XML
v. Git
22. Feedback is where after user experiences how the system is working, they give feedback
on how satisfied they are with the feature and what they would like improved. The team
then agrees with the customer and the improvement is done.

23. In the incremental model, work is sliced into multiple small sizes called increments, each
increment builds to the previous increment previously delivered. The software hence grows
overtime. In the iterative m...

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