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you should write an intelligence briefing by following the instructors in the PDF .and the topic is human trafficking in Saudi Arabia

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CILO 1 Evaluate intelligence-related research questions: Performance Standards. Criteria Unsatisfactory Baseline Developing Good Exemplary 1.1 No elements of Explain one Explain …and …that are Question given problem element of a multiple evaluate discussed in [1.3.1] identified. given elements of a possible the light of 50% problem. given resulting MOI remit. weighting problem research No sources cited. questions One source …and 1.2 cited. Multiple …and used lessons Support high-quality to support learnt and [2.3.3] sources cited evaluation precedent 50% of research weigthing questions CILO 2 Present results: Performance Standards. Criteria Unsatisfacto Baseline Developin ry g No data Gather one Gather 2.1 structure. data set. multiple data Data sets into a [2.3.1] single 50% structure weightin g No results 2.2 Results presented. [1.3.4] 50% weightin g Create one appropriate representatio n. Create multiple appropriate representatio ns Good Exemplary …and apply appropriate cleaning/ transformati on techniques …and discuss how issues with data comprehensiven ess and quality may affect analysis. …with …with correct presentation that labelling and enhances clarity formatting of message. CILO 3 Recommend strategies: Performance Standards. Criteria Unsatisfactory Baseline Developing No plan Propose Propose 3.1 proposed. plan with clearly Proposal one specified [1.3.4] 50 element. plan with %weighting multiple elements Good …and evaluate effectiveness given problem Exemplary …and discuss how alternative specifications lead to less desirable outcomes. Offers no 3.2 evidence to Support [2.3.2] 50% support strategy weighting …and quality of sources described …and synthesized to produce coherent Offers one piece of evidence Offers multiple pieces of evidence to to support strategy. support strategy support for the strategy CILO 4 Write reports in conformance with industry standards: Performance Standards. Criteria Unsatisfactory Baseline Developing Good Exemplary 4.1 No apparent One link Links …and …and frame Cogency organization of between among ideas provide the [4.1.2] ideas. ideas is make focused, argument 40% clear. message relevant, within the weighting clear and explanation context of a easy to and support broader follow to the discourse. argument No apparent Irregular Regular …with …and skilful 4.2 observance observance demonstrated adaptation to Template observance of standards. of a limited of all attention to specific [4.1.3] range of common detail contexts. 40% standards. standards weighting 4.3 Style [4.1.1] 20 % weighting No apparent observance of standard conventions of formal written style. Irregular observance of the most obvious and common conventions of formal written style. Consistent observance of most conventions of formal written style …with word choice appropriate to the intended audience …and constructions displaying variety, suitability and fluency. How to write an Intelligence Briefing What is an intelligence briefing? An intelligence briefing delivers information on a particular subject. Intelligence briefings are short and to the point. Your intelligence briefing should cover a topic related to policing/crime/intelligence in Saudi Arabia. [CILO 1: Evaluate Intelligence-Related Research Question]. How to write an intelligence briefing Your assignment should be organised as follows: • Title. • Summary, or Key Findings (Bullet Points). • Introduction (Short). • Main Points. • Conclusion (Short). 1 Some Help • Write the intelligence briefing as if you were writing a report on policing/crime/ intelligence in Saudi Arabia for a superior. [CILO 4: Write Reports], • Cadets should suggest some method of dealing with the crime they are talking about. [CILO 3: Recommend Strategies] • Cadets must use some type of graph or diagram or chart or statistical data in the briefing. [CILO 2: Present Results] • The briefing must be referenced properly. • Copying or sharing will be treated as plagiarism and penalties will be applied. 2 ...
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Intelligence Briefing- Human Trafficking in Saudi Arabia

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Intelligence Briefing- Human Trafficking in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has been on the limelight for a considerable period, primarily on grounds of
being a key leader in human trafficking cases. The country offers a range of employment of
employment opportunities, drawing approximately 10 million immigrants in various sectors
("United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime", 2021). Although many of these employees are in
the country legally, the lure of the employment opportunities has led to the rise of human
trafficking syndicates. In that regard, the country has been asked by international humanitarian
agencies to ensure that this grave trend is ended. Even before that, Saudi Arabian authorities had
realized the pertinent need of bringing human trafficking to an end via the passing of antitrafficking laws in 2009 (Al-Saad, 2021). Noteworthy is that the country has instituted several
key measures aimed at curtailing the issue. To some extent, human trafficking has been handled.
For instance, the country has been upgraded to Watchlist Tier 2 and this means that positive
strides are being und...

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