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Module 06 Course Project Professional Toolkit - Final Deliverable

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Purpose of Assignment: Compilation of all sections of the course project. Concluding page includes the summation of tool-kit including discussion of real-life application i.e. transferable skills.

Part 1: This is the final submission for your professional tool-kit.

  • Compile all of your previous tool-kit sections into one document while still maintaining subtitles that identify each section of the tool-kit. Make revisions and changes based on instructor feedback.

Part II: In a one to two-page APA formatted submission include the following:

  • Identify and describe transferable skills that you have acquired having completed this course. Remember to refer to transferable skills that apply to direct practice e.g. writing in third-person, utilizing cultural competency etc., but also refer to transferable skills presented through your educational process e.g. Information Literacy, Diversity and Teamwork etc. Minimum of four skills.
  • Consider your Human Services curriculum and the courses you have taken in completing your degree. Identify three courses and discuss which transferable skills you have learned from those courses. You may use the same transferable skills that you have previously identified. Explain how you will apply these skills to real-life scenarios in the human services profession. Be specific. Give examples.
  • Use clear and concise grammar and writing mechanics.

Some Human Service Courses to consider:

  1. Professional Practices in Human Services.
  2. Micro and Macro Systems in Human Services.
  3. Ethics and Professionalism in Human Services.
  4. Interpersonal Relations for Helping Professions.
  5. Evolving Populations in Human Services.
  6. Human Services Capstone.
  7. Theoretical Approaches to Service Delivery.
  8. Research Methodologies in Human Services.

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Transferable Skills
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Transferable Skills
The Human Services course has been important in the improvement and advancement of
my skills. The four transferable skills that I have gained from the course include working in
teams, actively listening to other people, engagement in active communication, and conducting
research. Working in a team involves understanding how to enhance teamwork and collaboration
with teammates. This is in learning institutions, the workplace, and other social places. Through
the interactions I have had with my classmates throughout the course, I have gained the skills of
efficiently engaging in teamwork. The skills are essential in attaining a connection between the
roles and responsibilities of each member and the objectives of ...

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