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  • Show a message that says "See nearest location" and your image of your bank or ATM.
  • Write the code so that when you click either the message or the image, you see a new message "See the site" and shows the image of your location.
  • Your code should toggle back and forth between "See nearest location" showing the bank or ATM and the message "See the site" and the image of the location.
Does anyone understand/know what i'm suppose to be doing here??
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I know,
you need to create a label with text "See nearest location" and an image box (with an image of your bank or ATM.).
OnClick on both the elements you have to write an event handler which would change the text and the image in the label and image box to "See the site" and the image of your location respectively.

And when you click on this label and image box again the previous label text and image should reappear

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Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.