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  1. Develop a plan for a multigoal/multimeasure evaluation of a prisoner reentry program. What kinds of structure, process, and outcome variables would you measure? How would you use the evaluation procedure to provide information for the ongoing assessment and improvement of the program?
    Your response should be a minimum of two pages typed - double spaced.
    Cover pages and reference pages DO NOT count in this two page requirement.
    Your paper must be submitted in an APA format with references as appropriate.

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Multi-measure Evaluation of Prisoner Reentry Program
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Reentry programs in the United States are now more common than ever. However, the
national recidivism rate (67% of released inmates in 3 years) leaves a lot to be discerned.
Henceforth, this begs the question of whether these programs are efficient enough? The plan
should prevent recidivism and provide a path to permanent and stable jobs for released prisoners.
(Charles Koch Institute, 2019) Upon release, prisoners typically have the option of either
volunteering or choosing not to follow any reentry program. However, a court order can
command a prisoner to go to a reentry program.
Although different reentry programs show distinct outcomes, the most effective way of
measuring a program's effectiveness is the recidivism rate. In return, the recidivism rate is
measured by the level of imprisonment and reconviction of the offenders during both the
inspection and after inspection duration. Therefore, a reentry program should be capable of
significantly reducing the recidivism rate to be considered adequate.
Additionally, effective reentry programs should tackle four main issues, job placement, a
place to live, character building, and business skills. These measures should be part of the
significant evaluations for all reentry programs. Character building is perhaps the most important
yet neglected aspect. Most prisoners upon incarceration may either develop or maintain the
screwed-up character that brought them in prison in the first place. Therefore, it is Paramount for
these programs to tackle bad feelings and provide advice to help build up a person who can be a
responsible member of society. Character building is strongly linked to a misdemeanor, drug
abuse, and criminal activities, which lead to recidivism.
Job placement goes hand in hand with business skills. For the prisoners coming out of
prison to be ...

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