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how can take google mape all thing name

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Google Maps is widely used for looking up addresses and driving directions over the Internet. When a user searches within a certain location, he or she is also shown map listings of local businesses in the same area. You can add a name on Google Maps using a quick method or by creating a verified business listing through Google Places.

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Quick Method (Without Verification)

Go to Google Maps and search for the location that you want to add a name for.

Click on the link that appears on the left hand side asking if you want to add a place on the map for the location that you have searched. This will pop up a new bubble on the map pointing to the address that you were searching for.

After clicking on "Save to Map" link, you will be prompted to save it to "My Saved Places" or a to a "Create a new map". You must be signed in to google. If you are not signed in google, you will be prompted to sign in. After saving it to your map or your saved places, You can find "edit" button to edit the given details according to your requirements.

Add details about the place in the short "Add details" page. You can add the following details. You can choose to make your saved map location and details visible to public or private.

Name of place.

Phone number.


Type of place.

Press the "Save" button. Google claims that the name and details of the place that you have provided information for will begin to appear to other users of Google Maps within a few minutes.

Detailed Method (Verification Required)

Visit Google Maps and click on "Put your business on Google Maps." This will open the Google Places homepage.

Log in using 1 of the following methods.
Use an existing Google account to log in.

Pick the link to "Create an account now" and fill in the registration information. You can then use the account that you've created to log in.

Click and search business in the search bar after logging in.

It will provide you the listing. Choose if your business is in list. If not, scroll to the bottom and choose "Let me create my businesses".

Provide details about your business. Here you can add the name as well the address, contact information, website and short description.

After you finish providing details and click ok, A verification prompt will appear. You may choose to verify your address and account thru postcard or you may choose to skip verification procedure at this point.

After this step you will land on your homepage. you can now click on "Edit Information" to complete submitting more details about your business.

Add more details about your business if you wish. You can add photos, display your accepted payment methods and mention when your business is open. Although your edits will not show up unless you verify your account.

You can use "Adwords Express" from google or can Post offers to attract nearby customers.

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