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  • Do we have enough information to make a diagnosis?
  • What other questions may you want to ask Danny?
  • Do you believe Danny when he says he just wanted to take the car for a spin and not steal it?
  • If you had to speculate on a possible diagnosis for Danny what would that diagnosis be? Why? Support your answer using the DSM and information from the scenario.
  • What type of treatment recommendations would you make for Danny? Why?

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Diagnosing Danny

Do we have enough information to make a diagnosis?

We do not have enough information to make a diagnosis. Basically, it is important to understand
that the problems Danny is having are just normal ones and their parents need to understand that.
People are created with different characteristics and may be these are the possible characteristics
for Danny. Primarily, it is important to note that when our characteristics differs, some may say
others are crazy and thus they come to carry out a diagnosis about him or her. In this case, there
is no enough information to make a diagnosis and thus there is no need to carry any.

Since Danny does not complain of any disorder, it is likely to understand that he has not been
found to do anything which is abnormal. For example, the first problem that Danny has been
found with is lack of sleep. It is true that he sleeps for 2-3 hours, and he neither complains of
these problems. Also, this does not impact him negatively despite of sleeping late. In this case,
the parents should note that lack of sleep does not have anything to do with him. Also, the other
problem is stealing of the student’s and tries to go away with it. Even though he has returned it to
the owner, the parents try to complain that there is a problem with him. However, I would urge
the parents to counsel him later since in the future; taking other’s things without permission may
land him in a hot soup.

What other questions may you want to ask Danny?
There are different questions I may want to ask Danny. The questions are primarily based to his
behaviors. For example, I would like to know if the lack of sleep impacts on him negatively and
why does he sleep for one hour and wake. I would also want to know how he manages to get A’s

in his subjects even though he does not sleep, which might affect his concentration in class even
though this d...

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