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Progress reports are one of the most common types of reports you are likely to write. They are often informal in tone and are designed to let all the internal and external stakeholders what has happened, and will happen, on the project. These are often regularly scheduled (weekly/monthly/quarterly), but can be spontaneous too, especially if something important has happened or may impact the project. In general terms, progress reports will have these 5 sections.

  1. Introductory section. Briefly review the project. Provide readers with information about the project’s purpose, clarify its timescale, and remind about other important details. [The length and detail depend on the audiences' familiarity with the project. If it is a broad audience then it needs more background. Since I know about this assignment and there is no secondary audience, keep it short]
  2. Write the “work completed” section. Describe what work has already been done, especially since the last update. 
  3. Specify the problems you encountered or see as likely in the next stages. Explanation of how you solved them or how you are planning to do it.
  4. Write about the next stages. Provide stakeholders with information about how you are planning to move ahead.
  5. Closing section. If it is a longer report, then summarize your progress report. 


Tell me what has happened since the last update on the report (your topic proposal). This assignment helps to ensure you stay on track for completing the report, and also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have, and for me to give more advice as you move further along in it. 

Model of What You Can Send

Professor Morin:
{1-2 line introduction] Over the past week I have made significant progress on my report about ----.
{Body 2-3 paragraphs long, with some GH-graphical highlighting. Discuss what you have done, any substantial changes since last update, and give an idea of what you be doing. Try to give an idea of what the project s about now.} After writing my topic proposal and doing some research on the library databases, I came up with the idea to expand my topic to cover ---. We talked about this briefly in --- last semester. I think that explaining the idea of an --- in my report will bring up a ---.
Also, I have made a questionnaire ---. In the upcoming days I plan to focus on the following: {Add bullets and specifics}
   •    Summarizing/paraphrasing my sources
   •    Creating/researching business graphics
   •    Citing sources and developing a bibliography
Overall, I want my formal report to emphasize ---.
{1-2 line closing} Thank you for your feedback.

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Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence
Over the past week, I have made significant progress on my report about carrying out extensive
scholarly research on artificial intelligence. I correctly formulated my research topic within the
correct time frame, submitted it for grading, and received feedback from the professor because
my project was approved.
I came up with my project proposal (to research how artificial intelligence has revolutionized the
business and the whole world). In my preliminary report, I justified how artificial intelligence
has revoluti...

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