Transmission not shifting into 3rd gear

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I have a 1992 Mazda protege. It's a three speed automatic.  It seems to not shift into 3rd gear.  It has a button that says hold I got no idea how it works.  I put it into 1st gear and took off it felt like it shifted into 2nd without moving it then i shifted into second and it seem to shift then into 3rd but it didn't shift at all. It runs 4000 rpm into I think 3rd gear it I think it still is in 2nd. Speed is 65 miles an hour. Is there a valve or something broken. Any help would be great. Thanks

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You seem to have a major leak to have to add a couple of quarts of fluid. You may have burned the bands up. Try this first. Try adding a bottle of Trans- Medic or about a half a bottle of brake fluid plus Lucus Trans leak to your transmission. You need to find the leak, Could be the front or rear seal or one of the cooling lines to the radiator.
sounds like the box hasnt been serviced regularly now its all gummed up and burnt,,if you can get a new filter and fluid put in cheaply id try that first before i spent a lot of money.

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