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For this assignment, suppose that you work for a consulting firm, and that you have been asked to research a company and make a presentation to your client.  

For the presentation:

  1. Choose a major U.S. company,
  2. Research the company and the market(s) in which it competes, and
  3. Prepare a presentation of 10-12 PowerPoint slides (with detailed speaker notes).

Using information from the business press, AIU's Library, IBIS World, and the Internet, address the following in your slides:

  • Describe the firm, include such information as its:
    • products or services
    • annual sales, and 
    • market share (this information is readily available in the IBIS World database.)
  • Describe the market(s) in which it operates. 
    • For instance, does it operate within an oligopoly or monopolistically competitive market, a perfectly competitive market, or is it a monopoly? (Choose the closest fit.)
    • Explain.
  • Does it operate in only one region of the United States? Does it operate nationally or internationally?  Explain.  
  • Who are its competitors? 
    • Give a brief overview of the other businesses in the market that it competes against. 
  • Identify and explain at least 2 economic concepts that this firm seems to use to its advantage.  
    • Examples might include product differentiation; attainment of economies of scale; advertising; whether the firm is regional, national, or international; and so on.  
  • Please include an explanation of how any significant recent events or changes in this market have affected this firm. Examples are mergers and acquisitions, technological change, legal issues, whether market demand is expanding, and so on. 
  • Provide your evaluation of how this firm might better respond to the challenges it faces.

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Business Research
on Walmart
Professor’s name
Course title

The purpose of this
presentation is to give
an overview of
American retail giant,
Walmart, its financial
statistics, market
analysis, challenges
and propose possible

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that
operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and
grocery stores. It’s headquarters are in in Bentonville, Arkansas
The company was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton as a single
discount store.

As of January 2021, Walmart was the world’s largest retailer with
11,433 stores and clubs in 26 countries, and operating under over
50 different names (Carroll & Sørensen, 2021).
Walmart is also the largest private employer in the world with 2.2
million employees; 1.5 million of whom reside in the U.S.

◦ In the U.S., Walmart
operates retail stores in
different formats. These
include; Supercenters,
Discount Stores and
Neighborhood Markets.
◦ These stores offer a broad
assortment of goods and
services at lowered prices.
◦ Walmart International has
more than 5,900 retail
units, operating outside
the United States serving
more than 100 million
customers every week .

Revenue 2006-2021

Market shares 20172021

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