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Research local government (San Diego) scandals, and select two for this assignment.

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you provide details for the two local government (San Diego) scandals you selected from your research. In your presentation be sure to:

  • Explain what happened in each of the two scandals.
  • Explain which of the ICMA Code of Ethics tenets were violated and the reason(s) why, for each of the scandals.
  • Explain the value to the public administration profession of local government managers acting in an ethical manner.

Format your presentation consistent with APA standards.

1. A recent scandal is the 101 Ash street building.

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San Diego Scandals
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Scandal 1: 101 Ash street building
• The city of San Diego, in 2017, purchased 101 Ash Street building with the hope of providing more
space to the city government offices (Lisa, 2020).

• This building, however, was infested with asbestos causing a construction delays.

Scandal 1: 101 Ash street building
• The building has been rendered in-occupant because of health risk to the workers.
• The ongoing renovation of the building has caused millions of tax payers money.

• The over-expenditures from the renovation process of building has resulted in concerns about the
City’s real estate deals.

• A number of critics mentioned that the city failed to conduct a proper review of the building before

Violated ICMA Code of Ethics tenets
1. Tenet 1
• This tenet is built on the belief that professional management is a key requirement of the elected officials to
ensure efficient use of funds.

• The violation of this tenet, however, is evident in ...

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