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Critical Thinking Essay—Physical Punishment

It is one of the biggest challenges for most parents to manage their children’s behavior. Physical punishment is a discipline method used to cause a child to experience pain to control or correct his or her unacceptable behavior. In physical punishment, parents usually hit a child with hands or objects such as a cane, belt, shoe and so on.

Should parents use physical punishment when disciplining their children? It is difficult for everyone to agree upon an answer to this question because of the different perspectives people have on this issue.

Pick one position—in favor of physical punishment, or against physical punishment—and make an argument supporting your position.

In constructing your argument use the Learning Theories we studied in Chapter 5: classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning.

-Define these forms of learning. Where applicable, specify the mental associations an organism makes in these forms of learning.

-Make sure to present the concept of “punishment” in operant conditioning. Mention its uses in behavior modification and the potential problems associated with it.

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Physical Punishment

For many decades, physical punishment has remained a challenge in disciplining
children both at home and school

Some parents physically harm their children because of wrongdoing or harmful

Thesis Statement

Physical punishment remains an ineffective method of disciplining children in the
home and should be illegalized. It makes children become rebels, builds hatred in
them toward parents and teachers, contributes to dishonesty, and leaves both physical
and mental scars

Supporting Points

Most countries have passed laws that illegalize the use of physical punishment

The unfavorable outcomes such as rebellion and resistance that physical punishment
presents when responding to undesirable behavior imply significant ineffectiveness

Children from families where parents use physical punishment have a high probability
of engaging in future domestic violence

The American Psychology Association says that pinching, slapping, and spanking
inflict pain instead of positively changing undesirable behaviors among children

Parenting is not about taking control over children's behavior and training them to
behave like adults

Physical punishment makes children sick. The discipline method has tangible impacts
on a children's wellbeing

Contrary Point

However, there is a significant benefit of using physical punishment to discipline
children at home

Thesis Restatement

Physical punishment is an ineffective strategy that parents should not use to discipline

Summary of Key Points

Punishment should get prohibited since it leads to negative consequences

Parents should understand that for their children to learn self-discipline and effective
coping skills

It becomes hard to condition children because they are m...

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