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Chapter 9: Exercise 3

If you are setting up a simple network at home to connect your newest devices, which of the network topologies discussed in this chapter would you choose? Explain why.

Exercise 23

Identify a network topology that would best suit each of the following networked environments and explain why.

a. Apartment building

b. Collection of Apartment Buildings

c. City Convention Center

Chapter 10: Exercise 4

List three benefits of data redundancy as described in this chapter. (Location Transparency and Distributed Directory, Deadlock Resolution and Recovery, Query Processing)

Exercise 16

Compare and contrast the two varieties of distributed operating systems discussed in this chapter: a process-based DO/S and an object-based DO/S. If you were the system administrator, which would you prefer? Explain your reasoning.

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Operating Systems
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Operating Systems
Exercise 3: Simple Home Network
There are various network topologies that exist, such as star, ring, bus, and hybrid. These
network topologies have their unique features, advantages, and disadvantages depending on the
applicability. In this case, to set up an effective network in my home, a star network topology
would be most suitable for my home devices. The primary reason for choosing a star network
topology is because every node is connected to my hub separately. This is beneficial as it acts as
a repeater for data flow and allows for coaxial and optical fiber.
Another reason for choosing a star network topology is because it ...

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