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A business case has at least four components, including market components, product components, industry components, and company components. Describe a hypothetical new product by addressing the following elements:

  • the appropriate features of the product
  • the product's target price
  • characteristics of product users
  • size of the total market
  • projected product sales revenues in year one of the product's sales

If you are unable to make reasonable assumptions about any element, identify the research needed to determine the information.

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Hypothetical Product for a Straw Company

Hypothetical Product for a Straw Company
The Appropriate Features of The Product


The Product’s Target Price


Characteristics of Product Users


Projected Product Sales in a Year




Hypothetical Product for a Straw Company

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Hypothetical Product for a Straw Company
There are various factors that are considered in developing a new product. The cost of
production and the projected sales needs to be analyzed critically to ensure that the product does
not lead to the business failure but results to the business growth at long run. A company ought
to prepare a good business plan and a good business strategy so as to ensure a new product get a
large market share. The company also uses its skilled manpower and the most recent technology
as it tries to make sure that the product meets the needs of the product. A new product is always
introduced to the market to give solutions to the problems that users face in their day-to-day life.
Hypothetical product is important to a firm since a firm is able to meet seasonal requirements of
customers in the market (Yan, 2020). This study tends to look into the introduction of reusable
straws in the market.
The Appropriate Features of The Product
Straw company is one of the important companies in the world as it strives to meet the
consumer wants at all costs. TASHA DEALERS as one of the straw company intends to
introduce metallic straws which are reusable as it works towards achieving its goal of ensuring
the users get the best experience in using their product. The metallic straws are made of steel
since the company through its various studies noted that steel is not breakable, does not rust and
is easily cleaned. The metallic reusable straw is portable making it perfect for use in the park, at
a campsite or at work. Additionally, since they are strong, it will not break when packed away
making it perfect for any use outside of the home. Stainless steel straw is made to be used again
and again and is highly durable making it reusable...

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