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You are the manager in a health care organization, and you have been directed to come up with a plan to cut your budget by 5%. Discuss the following:

  • What expenses will you cut? Justify the cuts you choose.
  • Describe how these cuts will affect patient-centered care.
    • Include both positive and negative effects.

Provide at least 1 reference for this discussion.

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Visiting the hospital in the United States could cost you some fortunes. The healthcare system in
the United States is expensive. On the other hand, operating a health facility is equally expensive
Decreasing burnout and expensive turnover
When the number of patients increases, staff burn out increases. This results in the healthcare
providers resigning to seek greener pastures. Training new staff as a result of turnover is costly.
Replacing employees is also expensive and challenging due to the shortages of healthcare
professionals. It is worth noting that nurses are also retiring, and they will eventually need
Encourage home-based care
Patients that do not require close monitoring and staying at home is more beneficial than an
extended hospital stay should be encouraged to stay to adapt to home care. As a nursing
manager, I will choose this approach because if more patients are taken through home care, they
will not hire more healthcare providers.
Approaches to cut down costs should also consider the safety and quality of patient care.
Healthcare professionals should work smarter and not harder.


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