Drawing from your observation of current events, a current work project, a past experience, or a hypothetical, comment on the effectiveness, assignment help

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January 4th DIscussion 1 on Accountability:-

Having read the text and watched the videos for this week, please address your reaction to the following statement: "Effective project managers engage people through consistent and shared Accountability." Pay particular attention to the concepts of consistent and shared. Cite an example of how a manager "practices" engagement drawn from your own experience, fr an external source, or through a hypothetical situation. Up to 250 characters of original response and 150 characters in secondary response. One original and one response.

January 4th Discussion 2 on Communication:-

After reading on Communication in Project Management and seen the videos, what would you say are the five (5) critical success factors that managers must "get right" to enhance communication within the organization to build on accountability and team progress. Please draw on your own experience, some observed experience, or a hypothetical, in order to illustrate your points. Please use the guidelines from Discussion Question January 4th on length.

Overview of PM:-

Drawing from your observation of current events, a current work project, a past experience, or a hypothetical, comment on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the:

  1. Project Manager
  2. The Equation that People + Progress - Success
  3. The Initiation of the Project
  4. The Planning of the Project
  5. The Executing of the project

Use your text and our discussions plus the videos as your guide. Length: 4-5 pages to be uploaded in Canvas

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Final Answer

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Aniket Patel
OM 565 (GR16) OM01
Project Management



‘Effective project managers engage people through consistent and shared Accountability’
Accountability in project management is all about being answerable for any action that
may occur whether positive or negative (Rowe, 2015). Accountability is an aspect that has to be
consistent and shared if a project’s success is to be a guarantee. The project team members are
required to ensure that consistency is maintained in task performance so that it is easier for them
to accept being held accountable for the results the specific tasks produce thereof (Rowe, 2015).
Project managers are therefore encouraged to put in place rules, policies, guidelines and
regulations to ensure that each and every team member embraces the aspect of accountability
throughout the duration of the project. If for instance, each and every task is performed with equal
energy and skill, the project can be concluded to have consistent performance thus accountability
will not be an issue.
The aspect of the accountability being shared is equally important because it gives each
member of the team the responsibility of ensuring that their individual roles in the project are
performed satisfactorily. Shared accountability brings about cooperation within the team because
definitely everyone is held responsible for the success or failure of the project (Rowe, 2015).
Effective project managers practice engagement through these two aspects of consistent
and shared accountability to ensure that the projects they are managing are a success. An example
of how a manager may practice engagement is drawn from my own experience. This was a
situation where there was to be an implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning systems in the
workplace and everyone was required to learn how to use them at the implementation stage. Our
project manager worked hard to engage everyone by grouping all members into groups according
to their departments. These groups were to serve as learning groups where members were required
to train each other on how to use the system. Shared accountability came in whereby if one member



failed to understand how to use the system and messed up, the whole department would not only
be answerable but also experience a lot of delays and other problems with the system. It was
therefore upon us to put in our best so that everyone understood how to use the ERP systems to
avoid putting the whole departmental information at risk. By so doing, the project manager was
able to ensure that there was shared consistency as well as shared accountability across all
departments and therefore there were no negative reports.



Rowe, S. F. (2015). Project management for small projects. Management Concepts Inc..


Communication in Project Management
Aniket Patel
OM 565 (GR16) OM01
Project Management



Communication in Project Management
Communication is an important aspect of project management if the project goals and
objectives are to be achieved. The project manager spends a large percentage of his or her time
communicating to management, the project team members, and other stakeholders and this is why
it should be taken as a serious aspect of project planning and eventually project management. For
this reason, communication has in some projects been allocated a separate amount of money in the
project budget just to show how important it is and how much resources it can consume if not well
taken care of in the budget allocation. The failure of communication during the project life cycle
is likely to consequently lead to failure of the project (Phillips, 2013).
There are several critical success factors that are supposed to be gotten right by managers
if communication within the organization is to be enhanced so that accountability and team
progress is built on. This part of the assignment only looks at five of them. First, the project
manager has to establish the most effective and relevant communication channels that each and
every stakeholder needs to be able to promote effective communication within the organization
(Phillips, 2013). For instance, a project that involves construction on a construction site cannot use
emails and chats for communication because the people on the ground are not in a position to keep
checking their emails. The best channel of communication for such a scenario is phone calls as
they are fast and effective means of communication. Management, customers, suppliers, the
project team and the sponsors of the project may also need reports on the progress of the project
and therefore it is mandatory that the project manager uses the right communication channel for
each of these stakeholders. Secondly, the frequency of communication through the communication
channel selecte...

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