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This is another part for the Rimowa assignment, I need to do an augmented swot analysis for the brand and it’s competitors and their strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats and how this will affect Rimowa positively and negatively, how Rimowa can benefit from competitors and how it’s risky and vice versa, please check What an augmented swot analysis is and how is it and please do one for Rimowa 🙏 appreciate your efforts, thank you.

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INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES How can Rimowa leverage their strengths in order to take advantage of opportunities in the market? How can Rimowa improve their weaknesses in order to take advantage of opportunities in the market? EXTERNAL OPPOURTUNITIES ENVIRONMENT --- --- THREATS How can Rimowa capitalize on their strengthen order to overcome future threats? How can Rimowa improve their weaknesses in order to overcome future threats? --- --- SWOT Helpful Harmful Internal Strengths Our workers are well-educated students who love books • The space is attractive and inviting Long-term lease is at low rate Customers are supportive of small bookstores • Popular café makes it easy for customers to linger and find something to buy Weaknesses • Space is tight • Bank gave us a limited line of credit • Health insurance costs are rising • Business is slower during summer vacation • Inventory system needs to be upgraded High staff turnover due to students graduating External Opportunities We can have local authors give lectures and book signings • We can make personalized recommendations to long-term customers We can deliver the same-day to mobility-impaired customers • We can feature things that appeal to summer tourists • We can start a frequent buyer program Threats • Large chains have more buying power • E-books and e-book readers eliminate need for physical books • Younger generations don't read as much • Nearby public library reopened after 2-year remodel NAME: Raj Kamlesh Jain SWOT Analysis of McDonald's Strengths Weaknesses Well recognized among the Serves unhealthy and junk food. customers. Uses genetically modified chicken, Known for delicious fast-food. harmful for consumption. 22% market share of restaurants. Eating fried food can cause health problems like 'coronary artery Annual revenue of $27.8 Billion diseases. Internal (2014) Price may be less reasonable Preferred by infants and children for compared to the same products play area and quality of taste sold by other companies Opportunities Threats Areas served are world-wide. Competition with other fast food Possibility of expansion apart from restaurants like 'Burger King' and 35,000 locations world-wide. 'KFC Providing employment to more A center could be shut down by people, (420,000 as of 2014) which the local government due to is a key factor for expansion. unhygienic conditions of the restaurant External Promoting good causes. (E.g. It banned smoking in 1400 wholly Increased competition may affect owned restaurants) This would be profitability and market share appreciated by the customers. Some of the products could be Opening a chain of ice cream banned by the local government centers under this brand. due to detrimental products Can introduce new types of Strengths S Weaknesses W Higher number of international staff, students and researchers, who have been internationally trained and well prepared ✓ Generating income and foreign exchange savings through the enrolment of international students Increasing the ranking of the particular university / institute as well as creating the strong international recognition and reputation Creating knowledge sharing among the local and international staff, students and researchers Study programs differ among countries Motivating the local admins / students and staff to improve their English language and enhance their communication skills The growth of the university based on dynamics and innovation Lack of adequate budget for internationalisation The bureaucratic procedures and decision processes are complex and tedious ✓ Vague definitions of Internal internationalisation strategy High cost of staying abroad Lack of equipment and facilities factors ✓ Not all of the international staff are very active in doing research ✓ Creating challenge and motivate the local staff, students and researchers to compete பபபபபபபபாாபாபாபாபாபா பட்டபாாபபாபபபபபா O Threats T Opportunities ✓ Long-lasting international partnerships/collaboration Improving quality Improving reputation Social engagement in an international multicultural society Strategic geographic position Technological development ✓ International networking Raising cultural/ racial/ethnic diversity of staff body Competition from other universities/institutions Lack of corporate identity / organisational culture ✓ Tuition fees may decrease the number of international students Economic crisis Brain drain - losing prominent External academic staff to institutions abroad ✓ Decreasing public funding factors ✓ Progressing globalisation of higher education market Positive Negative
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Rimowa SWOT Analysis

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SWOT Analysis is considered a straightforward but handy framework used to explore an
organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. (Sarsby, 2016). It helps the
organization build on what it does well, address what is missing, help minimize risks, and take
the best possible advantage of success chances. (Gurel and Tat, 2017)
RIMOWA, founded in 1898 in Germany, is a luggage manufacturer. They deal in
suitcases, bags and all sorts of travel accessories. The aluminium groves on their suitcases have
become a brand characteristic. The model below shows a SWOT analysis for the company.







•Well diverse staff with vast knowledge about different cultures
•Strong brand, due to the uniq...

Just the thing I needed, saved me a lot of time.


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