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This section requires you to pick an element in the book that you want to discuss. (The default element is symbolism.)  Possible elements are character development, racism, morality, hope, etcetera. You then research someone who has discussed the same element. Maybe you agree, disagree, or a little of both. (This is the only section where you can use the pronoun – I, as in I agree, disagree…) As you address this element, begin with what the other person says and then you can agree, disagree, or a both. Don’t forget to use illustration for both your point and the other person’s point."

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My question: How do I write this without looking like I plagiarized it. I am reading the short story, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets. My symbol is red. I have found an article with a person who shares the same opinion as me. My question to you is how do I cite a quote from the person's article without a name. When I emailed the teacher she said, "The article you are citing has to be written by someone." I know that, but that didn't answer my question. How do I cite it if the article does not have a name?  I will put it in bold and underline it for you so you can understand what question I need to be answered. How do I cite a quote from this man or woman's article, if the person does not list his name anywhere in the article.

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Yes, possible elements are a character development relatively to morality, and as
explained in the paper, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the color symbolism demonstrates an inner meaning
of personalities hence contextualizing the written document with more strength.
In the article F. Scott Fitzgerald, different color imagery has been applied in the

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