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The first resources: United way bay area:

The second one: Santa Clara County Public Health Community Resource Page:

last one: California First Five:

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Community Resources Reflection This assignment focuses on the community resources that may assist the children and families in preschool programs. 1.We can begin by asking the question what do children and families need to live and flourish. Some are obvious like food and shelter. Others may stem from the challenges that individual families face such as a family member is dealing with addiction or mental illness. Identify 5 potential family needs and find 1 community based resource for each need identified that might be able to help or provide needed services. See the United Way Bay Area and Santa Clara County Community Resource Page links for some ideas. Please feel free to include resources/organizations in other areas or those not listed. Describe the Family Need and provide the • Name of the organization • Contact information • Serves provided • Population they serve (may be limited by geography or income for example). 2. First 5 California was created by voters under Proposition 10 to recognize that children's health and education are a top priority, especially in the early years of development. First Five provides resources to educate parents and caregivers about the important roles they play in children's first years. • • • Go to the First Five website. Review one video and one download posted there. List the title/location and describe what you found Do you think the First Five Website serves as a resource for parents and caregivers as intended? Why? Or why not? 3. Self Care is a general term used to describe what we consciously do to promote our mental physical and emotional health. Self care is especially important in times of stress and uncertainty and is essential if we are to fulfill our responsibilities to others that depend on us. As a teacher/care provider in early childhood education and as students in this time of the Covid pandemic stress has become part of our daily lives. Share three practices/ideas with your classmates in this week’s discussion that you think should be part of self care today. Feel free to comment and build upon the postings of others.
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Community Resource Reflection

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Community Resource Reflection
Question 1: identifying 5 potential family needs and one community based resource
1. Potential family need: Clothing and Hygiene
Clothing/ dressing for success is meant to motivate women to achieve their economic
status independence. This is done by ensuring there is a network of professional dressing,
support and development tools to assist women thrive and achieve their goals in life and work.
Dress for Success San Jose.
Contact information:
Phone number: 408-935-8299
504 Valley Way Milpitas, California 95035, United States of America. It is open on week days
from 9 Am to 5 pm.
Services provided
In their services, they do not accept donations due to the current pandemic of Covid 19. They
help individuals choose an interview attire, provide support and guidance for the upcoming
Population they serve
The organization serves the population of women who are searching for jobs and are in the first
few weeks of employment.
2. Potential family need: Transportation
The Salvation Army – it has programs such as family services.
Services offered

They assist families across Silicon Valley through programs such as grocery assistance,
rent and deposit assistance and clothing vouchers. Also, they provide their clients with needs
such as job interviews, work or school t...

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