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HOL 1000

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Complete a post-wellness assessment to see how you have improved across various dimensions of your health and wellness.

Take Post-Assessment

1.)Go back to the Rinehart Institute website and take a post-wellness


2.)Upload the 3-page pdf to eLearning. Be sure to include the double-bar graph

comparing the results from the first assessment to the results of the post-


3.)Reflect on the areas that you improved on and/or the areas that declined over

the course of the semester (in the FMJH project paper).

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Holistic Wellness Assessment Assessment Results Physical Average 2.50 2.65 Health Care Maintenance Average 2.00 0.67 Self Care Average 2.25 1.66 Spirituality Average 3.29 4.29 Risk Prevention Average 4.64 4.79 Relational Average 2.96 3.52 Sustainability Average 2.02 2.91 3.94 3.74 2.13 3.00 Self-Awareness and Responsibility Average Self-Regard Average Pre-Assessment Post-Assessment 1 of 2 2021-04-07 Assessment Demographics © 2021 Rinehart Institute 2 of 2 2021-04-07 Running head: Finding Meaning Joy and Happiness Finding Meaning Joy and Happiness March 28, 2021 1 Finding Meaning Joy and Happiness 2 Introduction Personal health care has never been a bother to me because before this course. I practiced many unhealthy things, which I did not know had somehow adverse effects. My general wellness took a turn through the activities we did every day; some improved while others deteriorated. I enjoyed some of these activities because I have been practicing them before, while other practices helped me relax and improve my wellness. The major areas I improved on are the physical average, spirituality average, risk prevention average, relationship average, and selfregard average. Most of these practices I wouldn't mind continuing because they have helped me realize that I can become better in my general wellness. The way I interconnected these activities has generally helped me become a better person because I realized that wellness is not just food or exercise; it involves making an effort to improve every area that may affect your life. This paper addresses how practical and beneficial the activities were in improving my wellness and how I can use them for my gain as a student and my community's benefit. Health Dimensions I Improved In The most influential health areas I improved in were the physical and relational average. My physical well-being was enhanced because of the various exercises I did for a whole month. I made alternations between jogging, walking, volleyball practice, pushups, and setups. I mainly jogged in the morning to keep my mind ready for the day, which helped clear my mind and spirit before carrying on with my classes or work. It made me feel happy. Volleyball practice also helped me relax my mind, especially in the afternoon when I was tired and needed a break from all activities. It also helped me control and handle stress. I also took a hot tub sometimes, which Finding Meaning Joy and Happiness 3 helped me, especially when I was tired. The morning jogs and afternoon volleyball practice have helped me a lot physically. My relational average also improved because my relationship with family, friends, and colleagues is vital. Planning and organizing barbecue parties has helped my relationship with family and friends. Cooking and grilling for these events make me happy, so does meeting with family and friends. Playing volleyball with people also helps me form good relationships with my friends. It has also helped me make new friends and maintain my old ones. Having a good relationship has made me happy most of the time, and now I have people I can confide in with my troubles. Health Dimensions I Declined In The areas I declined in the most are health care maintenance and self-care average. My health care maintenance likely decreased at a high rate because I do not have a stable schedule that determines my eating and work-out plans, which has made things very inconsistent. This practice is not good, especially when I expect to maintain good health. My eating habits are unhealthy, which has led to a decline in my health. I ate a lot of fries, pizza, and chicken for lunch and dinner alternating. I also skipped some meals like lunch a few days, which is not an excellent healthy practice. To improve in the future, I must make a diet plan that includes healthy foods and snacks, with minimal fried and baked foods. I must also show some discipline in the diet plan. My self-care was also not good because of using my phone before sleeping, which made me have fewer hours to sleep. My phone has made me care less about myself, which has deteriorated my self-care average. I must stop using my phone a lot and take more time to sleep Finding Meaning Joy and Happiness 4 and care for myself. I realized that when I get enough sleep for up to seven or eight hours, I slept well and woke up feeling fresh. So maybe sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours a day can help me improve my self-care. Health Improvements I Would Like to Make The first and most important thing I would love to work on is my eating habits. I will make a diet plan that will include an appropriate size amount for proteins, carbohydrates, fluids, vitamins, and minerals. These foods will be on a specific serving proportion, and I will make sure that I do not skip meals. I will have one cheat day in a month, where I eat unhealthy foods like pizza and fries. I will take a lot of water during the day and fruit juice or fruits as snacks. I will do my best to follow the meal plan and make sure that I maintain discipline all the time. I would also like to improve my thoughts and have clear and positive reviews in my school and job time. I want to stop the mentality that completing my assignments is problematic because it is a lot. To halt those thoughts, I will plan my time well and note the time I should be exercising, going to classes, having my meals, going to work, and sleeping to get extra hours to complete my assignments. Since I have not scheduled my exercise daily, I will spend time not exercising to complete my tasks and study for my exams. If I maintain discipline in this, I should finish my assignments on time and pass my exams always. How the Activities will Benefit Me as a Student and My Community Engaging in good communication will help me in my studies and also improve my relationship with my community. With good communication skills, I can interact well with my peers and teachers, know how to respond to different reactions and conversations, and know what to say and say. The skills will help me understand better in class, which will benefit me as a Finding Meaning Joy and Happiness 5 student. Communicating well with my community will also benefit us because our relationship will be better. I will know the difference between talking to my elders and sharing with my peers. Maintaining a clean and peaceful environment will benefit my health and wellness, and in the long run, it will benefit my community. A clean environment helps prevent the spread of some diseases, thereby keeping my community and me safe and helping us have good health and wellness. My wellness and that of my community will result in peace. A healthy food source with good eating habits will help me be healthy by getting more nutrients from the foods and consuming foods properly. My community also benefits from healthy foods and good eating habits because they will know what to take and its proportions. It will help reduce dietary diseases. Good health for my community and me will cause peace, and from that, it will contribute positively to our wellness. Conclusion This assessment has helped me realize the crucial points to take to ensure good health and wellness. I was able to identify the things I have been doing wrong, which will help me improve in the future and achieve my health wellness goals. I can also determine the activities that will benefit me as a student and my whole community. Now I can work on them and ensure that my community and I utilize them fully and improve and maintain our wellness. Running head: WELLNESS ASSESSMENT Wellness Assessment 1 WELLNESS ASSESSMENT 2 Wellness Assessment Health and wellness play a critical role in a person’s success and development. Wellness involves healthy habit practices that ensure that an individual achieves positive mental and physical outcomes. It is also linked to health and overall wellbeing. Areas of wellness include nutrition, sleep, social, mindfulness, and connectedness. As such, individuals should always evaluate their wellness to determine their overall wellbeing. It also helps to identify areas with strong support and develop strategies to improve on areas of weaknesses. A holistic wellness assessment (HWA) is preferred for this evaluation because it covers mental, social, and physical wellness. Wellness comprises eight pillars, including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, financial, and environmental wellness. All these elements interact to produce a positive wellness outcome. As a result, individuals should consider HWA when assessing their health and wellness. The report from the wellness self-assessment indicates areas of strengths and weaknesses. The results obtained regarding beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts about my personal wellness indicate that I excel in self-awareness and responsibility, risk prevention, spirituality, and relational. I scored highly in these areas of wellness. However, self-awareness & responsibility and risk prevention wellness are my two areas of excellence. According to the assessment results, I scored 4.64 out of 5 in risk prevention and 3.94 out of5 in self-awareness & responsibility. Notably, my score in self-awareness was higher than the demographic average. The reason I scored highly in these wellness areas is that I understand myself. I have identified and honed my strengths as well as weaknesses. Crucially, I have self-confidence. On the other hand, I always conduct due diligence in everything that I do to reduce risks and increase the chances of succeeding. Excelling in these wellness areas does not surprise me because I have WELLNESS ASSESSMENT 3 dedicated a lot of effort to improve them. Some of the practices that support these wellness areas include keeping an open mind, controlling emotional triggers, and constituting self-discipline. The assessment results also indicate areas of weaknesses in wellness. I recorded the lowest scores in healthcare maintenance, self-care, self-regard, sustainability, and physical wellness. The two areas that I had the lowest scores on are healthcare maintenance (2 out 5) and sustainability (2.02 out of 5). These scores were also below the demographics average. I am not surprised that is scored poorly in these areas. This is because I lack supporting resources to achieve and maintain sustainable wellness. Also, the surrounding environment does support my needs, interests, and wellbeing. Consequently, I performed dismally in healthcare maintenance because of a lack of enough physical exercises. The issue of indoor leisure activities such as playing video games is a significant hindrance to health care maintenance. A lack of adequate sleep and a healthy diet also contributed to low scores in health wellness. I intend to cut down on fast, get enough sleep, and participate in outdoor physical activities to support and improve my health care maintenance wellness. The assessment indicates a holistic wellness evaluation. Through these assessments, I can now focus on improving areas of weakness in my wellness. I also understand the wellness areas that I excel in. The assessment is holistic because it goes beyond physical health. Holistic wellness assessment incorporates social, mental, cultural, and spiritual aspects. Therefore, the results of this assessment are holistic.
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Wellness is an important aspect of every human being's life. A further
breakdown of this topic reveals the aspects that contribute to wellness namely,
social, emotional, intellectual, physical, occupational and spiritual. If all these
aspects are in harmony within an individual, then the person can be considered as
having achieved optimal wellness. The carrying out of a wellness assessment can
be the first step in understanding where you are in your wellness journey and what
you need to do to make daily improvements. This realization is key in helping one
understand that wellness does not only comprise physical and nutritional care but it
has many other components.

The post-wellness assessment that I conducted showed a difference in my
wellness compared to my pre-wellness assessment results. I managed to make
substantial improvement over the semester in the areas of physical average,
spiritual average, risk prevention average, relational average, sustainability average
and self-regard average. These positive results are very encouraging since they are
an indication that I am slowly taking the right direction towards bettering my
holistic health. However, the results also showed a drop in the fields of healthcare
maintenance, self-care average and self-awareness plus responsibility average.
Generally, these results showed my progress while indicating the areas that I
require to keenly work on.

For the areas that I managed to make good improvement in, I can attest that
it was as a result of my daily commitment and self-reflection in making decisions
that bettered my health. A good example is an improvement in the physical
average. During the semester, I took one hour every day to do physical activity.



Somedays I did intense workouts while other days I simply indulged in light
walking. All these activities ensured that my physical wellbeing was taken care of.
Another area that I would like...

Awesome! Made my life easier.


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