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Calculate the volume of 2.59×10-3-M NaClO4 solution needed to provide 8.47×10-2 g of NaClO4.

Calculate the molality of magnesium acetate in the solution prepared by adding 43 grams of the salt to 128 grams of water. 

Dec 11th, 2014


1. Which of the following is not a state function?

a. enthalpy b. entropy c. temperature d. heat e. all are state 


2. a. State the second law of thermodynamics. b. State the third law of thermodynamics.

3. Which choice is incorrect?

a. S (methanol(l)) < S (ethanol(l)) b. S (O2(g)) < S (O3(g)) c. S (N2(g) + 3H2(g)) < S (2NH3(g))

d. S (He(g)) < S (H2(g)) e. S (HF(aq)) < S (H+(aq) + F-


4. Which choice is incorrect? (Assume all systems have the same T, mol, V, except where specified.) If all 

statements are correct, select answer e.

a. S (1mol CO2(g) in 1.0L flask) < S (2mol CO2(g) in 1.0L flask)

b. S (O(g)) < S (F(g))

c. S (1mol CO(g) in 2.0L flask) < S (1mol CO(g) in 1.0L flask)

d. S (H2O(l) at 25˚C) < S (H2O(l) at 35˚C)

e. All are correct.

5. Select the choice in which the entropy is decreasing.

a. NaCl(s) is dissolved in water. b. A lake is frozen.

c. A cup of coffee is spilled. d. Life on a lifeless planet forms.

e. This reaction, 3Al(s) + 3NH4ClO4(s) → Al2O3(s) + AlCl3(s) + 3NO(g) + 6H2O(g), is used as the lift from 

the solid rocket boosters on the space shuttle.

6. Thermodynamics can be used to predict all of the following except:

a. which direction a reaction is spontaneous.

b. the temperature at which a reaction will be spontaneous.

c. the entropy change of a reaction.

d. the rate at which the reaction occurs.

e. the extent to which a reaction will proceed.

7. Select the incorrect statement. If all statements are correct, select answer e.

a. An exothermic process occurs when heat goes from the system to the 

Dec 11th, 2014

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Dec 11th, 2014
Dec 11th, 2014
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