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Targets: Assess the roles of various health care stakeholders to ensure that health care programs meet the needs of the recipients and comply with regulatory and payor requirements. Analyze the benefits of integration within the health care system All assignments must target the content application while using two variables: the job choice and the case assigned by the faulty Your Supervising Manager called a meeting early Monday morning to discuss the tasks you will need to accomplish in this week. They were very complimentary about the efficiency of your performance and the quality of the submitted Memo. However, further investigation is necessary to make sure all areas of the managerial situation were covered accordingly. You are asked to conduct research and to compile the information about the HC-specific stakeholders related to this situation using the table provided (see below). Make sure to choose the stakeholders that will be involved in your area of expertise (as per your job description). For example, -the Clinical coordinator may choose the CDC (Center for the Disease Control) as a stakeholder due to the mandatory reporting and follow up on the guidelines. -CDC affiliated stakeholder would be a local health department that reacts to the situation based on CDC provided preparatory guidance. At the same time, the local health department would be a direct stakeholder for the Clinical Coordinator because its representatives will be directly involved in guiding potential public health issues at the site. **All information should be presented in a table format. You can use bullet points, subcategories, and other white space organizational components. Make sure to provide a minimum of four credible sources from the UMGC library, the stakeholder home website, and the information pertaining to two discussed stakeholders (one chosen direct and one affiliated to the direct stakeholder). APA format is required for the citation and references. Post the table in the Group Forum and submit in the dropbox for grading. My role is Patient Experience Management The topic is: U.S Hits 100 Million Vaccinations Goal Link to UMGC LIBRARY: USERNAME: mkang12 Password: Hazelbear7% Assignment week 4 HMGT 300 Stakeholder organization name, mission and website link (can be copied): *How is this stakeholder related to your managerial duties associated with the job role in this specific case-no more than 50-1 Identify and explain the stakeholder organization perspective from the position of interest and power on at least one of the following: • Payer (insurers, government payers, and employers) (for example, how CDC is affecting HC payers-insurance companies Stakeholder brief: and the government) *2 HC managerial issues • Provider (entities and (as per your role) the individuals providing services in stakeholder is affecting? the healthcare system) (for *Who example, how CDC affects (population/group/industr physicians, ambulance y etc. is represented by responders etc.?) this stakeholder? • Patient (consumers/risk *What the constituents population); gain achieving the • Producer (a product stakeholder's mission developer). goals? Identify an organization (an affiliated stakeholder) that each stakeholder partners with OR an organization that opposes the stakeholder (name, website) and describe their perspective on the same issue (payer, provider, patient, producer) as the direct stakeholder in no more than 100 words role in this specific case-no more than 50-100 words: Is the direct stakeholder active at the time of the incident? If not, when and how will it be involved in the management efforts of the emergency. List points of linkage and directional communication between the response team, victims, the primary/direct stakeholder and the affiliated stakeholder.
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U.S Hits 100 Million Vaccination Goal
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U.S Hits 100 Million Vaccination Goal
World Health Organization (WHO) is a global health organization committed to
advocating health, gender empowerment, health promotion and prevention strategies, and
medical treatment. The World Health Organization has been committed to ensuring water
safety and quality, providing leadership in water, sanitization, and hygiene-related issues.
They are supporting member states in environmental health and responding to emergencies
( ). As a Clinical Coordinator, I entirely rely on WHO to tackle the
COVID-19 pandemic at my workplace. They play a critical role in helping countries prepare
and respond, providing accurate and essential information concerning the dangerous myths of
COVID 19, and ensuring vital supplies reach the frontline health workers. The WHO involve
in training and mobilizing health workers to fight the pandemic, search and recommend the
vaccine, help the poor and the most vulnerable in the fight against the pandemic.



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