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what is the formuala for this problem and how do i rember it

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a chemist need 400 ml of 12% hydrochloric acid solution. there are 10%  and 15% solutions available, how much of each available solutions should be mixed to get the desired result?

Dec 11th, 2014

Let x be 10% solution and y be 15% solution

x+y =400

0.1 x+ 0.15 y =0.12(x+y)

0.15y-0.12 y = 0.12x-0.1 x

0.03 y = 0.02x

3 y =2x



5y =800

y =160

x =240

10% solution 240 ml

15% solution 160 ml

Dec 11th, 2014

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Dec 11th, 2014
Dec 11th, 2014
Sep 26th, 2017
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