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Write the procedure of how to shut down Windows in Winglish

In Wingish, write the procedure for starting the Firefox web browser and loading the site http://www.glendale.edu.

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Notation for Taking Notes on Windows Applications As far as this instructor knows, there is no standardized way of writing about keystroke combinations, icon selections, double-clicking an icon to run a program, traversing a menu, right-mouse clicking an icon but we need to think of a way to take handwritten notes or communicate these actions. Apple documentation has some cute iconic ways of using icons for their keys, but how do you send that over an e-mail text message. Or if you are on an online technical support session with Microsoft, how do you describe what you are doing that is causing your computing to crash. Also the grammar, words and abbreviations must be simple enough for anyone to understand. I hereby name our new language “Winglish” and will be using it in future classes and exams. just words separated by – to describe traversing a menu like File-New Signifies a key like for the alt key or for the letter “a”. I would also go ahead and use the same notation for graphical buttons like the button. - Signifies the keys or actions are pressed or actions are sequential like -Programs-Accessories-Snipping Tool -> Same as – + Signifies the keys or actions must be clicked together like + means that you have press those two keys simultaneously {..} means options as radio buttons or check boxes. {*} would mean to accept all the defaults {All Caps, Strikethrough} would mean to check the checkboxes for All Caps and Strikethrough found in HomeFont in Microsoft Word mc select or single-click left mouse button For example to select the Microsoft Word Shortcut from the desktop, you would mc m2c double-click left mouse button. This may be implied…to run the Microsoft Word Shortcut from the desktop, you would just dmc or or simply . rmc single right-mouse click rm2c double click the right mouse button “ “ use double-quotes to describe user input like File-SaveAs-“filename” would you go to the menu and select File, then SaveAs, then enter the file name. [..] A descriptive, important message from the program or windows. Examples 1. So to describe the process of starting Microsoft Word and creating a new document and setting 1-inch margins would be: -Programs-Microsoft Office 2013-Word PageLayout-Margins-Normal 2. You are in Microsoft Words,writing the 16th version of your resume, myresume_16.docx and want to go ahead and save it to the existing resume.docx. File-SaveAs-[File name] “myresume.docx” [Save as Type][Word doc…]- [The file “myresume.docx” already exists]-Replace Existing File-
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Shutting Down Windows
Before anything else, it is good to press the Ctrl +S button to ensure that you save all you
work. This is to ensure that you ...

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